Uterine Fibroids Vaginal Odor

Salvia Divinorum is an herb which is used for various purposes. Its leaves not only have medicinal value but also are used for smoking purposes for chewing and many other things as this plant contains many psycho active chemicals in it.

Now let us discuss how to make salvia Divinorum extract of good quality and not the one which we make that looks like a black gum like mess of some horrible items. By just using some more items and some chemicals and laboratory items we can make our salvia Divinorum extract a good looking and of good quality too.

Items needed for making Salvia Divinorum

To make a good extract of Salvia we need certain items which are utmost necessary to maintain its high quality. Firstly a blender to blend the beans of coffee, a clean large saucepan, a small as well as narrow glass container, a pipette and some chemicals like acetone and naphthalene.

Steps to Make high quality Salvia Divinorum

Now after we get all the items we have to follow certain steps to make a good extract of salvia Divinorum. Firstly we have to collect some quantity of dried leaves of Salvia in a tray and then leaving some of the leaves we have to grind them using the coffee blender. At first the leaves won't grind properly but after grinding 2-3 times they would automatically grind after that. The very next thing is to extract the chemicals that are present in the leaves, so after the crushing operation Salvinorin-A is being extracted. Now the leaves are mixed with a equal quantity of solvent so as to cover the entire portion of the leaf. Now the mixture is stirred constantly for around a period of 5-10 minutes and then allowed to settle down for 6-8 hours. In this period when almost all of the Salvinionin-A has been dissolved in the solvent. Now the very next step is quite boring and one have to wait for at least for a period of 16 hours and also during this 16 hours period it should be noticed that the paste should be kept in a dark place.

During this period it is advised not to touch the mixture. Also the main reason why it is kept in darkness is due to the fact that Salvinionin-A has a tendency of being destroyed in darkness. Now the next step is very much tiring and also dangerous since the mixture needs to be evaporated. The evaporation is done by the use of hairdryer or some hot apparatus, but it should be noticed that the action of evaporation should be performed in a well ventilated place, since when the smell of Salvinionin-A goes into some persons it causes head ache, nausea and other problems. After evaporation it becomes black in color. After that for the purpose of purification it is dissolved in naphtha and the black color is dissolved in naphtha leaving behind only Salvinionin-A. Now after this the last step is of fortification in which Salvinionin-A is mixed with equal amount of solvent and thus a very high quality of salvia extract is made and that too in home.

uterine fibroids vaginal odor

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