Symptoms Of Ovarian Cysts Bursting

symptoms of ovarian cysts bursting


  1. This Is Me
      November 3, 2013

    What happens when an ovarian cyst ruptures?
    When an ovarian cyst ruptures, can it cause more harm to your eggs? Will it decrease chances of pregnancy even more?

    • Ashok
        January 20, 2014

      Ruptured ovarian cysts, as any woman who has had one will tell you, can be incredibly painful. Many women have ovarian cysts without even knowing it, and often they just disappear themselves. But sometimes they continue to grow, and if left untreated, the walls of the cyst will get thinner, and eventually it may burst, or rupture.

      It is unusual for the pain experienced from a ruptured ovarian cyst to be the first symptom a woman feels. Because the cyst is typically quite large before it ruptures, it usually causes a good deal of discomfort and pain.

      Typical symptoms include:

      – abdominal pain, particularly during the menstrual period
      – irregular menstrual cycles
      – feeling the need to urinate frequently (as the large cyst puts pressure on the bladder)
      – sometimes difficulty urinating
      – feeling of pressure or heaviness in the stomach

      The symptoms of a ruptured ovarian cyst are very similar, but usually the pain is much more intense. It also usually comes very suddenly – a cyst rupturing is like a water balloon bursting, so the pain is sharp and sudden. Thankfully, the severe pain is usually quite short lived (typically ebbing within 24 hours), and the pressure is relieved from the ‘balloon’ on your ovary.

      Mostly, after the rupture the ovary will heal itself, and there will be no further complications. But this is not always the case. The ovary can get infected, which if left untreated can have serious implications for your health and your ability to conceive.

      Sometimes, the rupture can cause the ovary to twist, restricting blood flow and causing severe pain. The wound may be slow to heal, so increasing the chance of scar tissue forming. Again, this can affect fertility.

      If you think your cyst might have ruptured, you should get medical attention right away. At the very least, you will probably need strong painkillers. If the intense pain does not subside after 24 hours, it is likely that the ovary has twisted or infection has set in. In this case, it is absolutely essential to get expert medical help.

      Once the cyst has ruptured, it is gone. If you only had one cyst, the problems it caused prior to the rupture should end. However, it is unfortunately quite likely that the cyst will come back again. Unless you do something to change them, the underlying problems which caused the cyst are still present.

      The natural holistic approach to treating and preventing ovarian cysts addresses these underlying causes. By getting your internal balance right, particularly through altering your diet and metabolism, you can get rid of your ovarian cysts for good – without drugs or surgery.
      Good luck

  2. Ryan
      November 7, 2013

    How long does a burst ovarian cyst cause pain?
    How long can a woman typically expect her pain to last when an ovarian cyst bursts?

    • ljdreamer25
        February 25, 2014

      Depends on the size of the cyst that ruptured. Mine lasted a few days. Never had any symptoms when I urinated as the fluid just kind of left. I did go to ER in pain but it had been a few hours since it had ruptured and there was only a little fluid left. Take some Ibuprofen or something for the pain.

  3. sweetpea13
      December 2, 2013

    What can I expect when my ovarian cyst ruptures?
    I went to the doctors on the 5th because i was having bad pelvic pain. I found out that i have an ovarian cyst. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what symptoms i can expect to feel when the cyst ruptures?

    • chiclover
        February 16, 2014

      Well, it is pretty obvious that “Captain Obvious” has never had an ovarian cyst burst, because if she had, she would have told you it hurts more than you can possibly imagine. I’ve had two rupture, and dang!, it’s crippling. Seriously. My doctor told me that most women end up in the emergency room because the pain is so intense. Oh, yeah, it’s possible that the cyst will not burst, but if it’s hurting now, and with every cycle the pain gets worse, then prepare yourself…it’s gonna pop, and you are gonna hurt. Afterwards, you’ll have some fullness in your abdomen, water, slushy feeling. And if you are really lucky, it won’t happen again.

  4. psychchick86
      December 4, 2013

    Is a pulling type of abdominal pain a symptom of a ruptured ovarian cyst?
    I went to the er on tuesday thinking that I had a kidney stone. They did a CAT scan and determined that I ruptured an ovarian cyst. I have been having a type of pulling feeling on the side of the cyst along with nausea and a persistent achey feeling (kind of like when you get a cold or the flu). Is this normal? Thank you.

    • oh hey (:
        January 24, 2014

      well since the cyst already burst you shouldn’t be feeling any severe pain anymore. I had three cysts burst in a 12 hour time frame and once they were done I felt so much better, just a little tired. your body just might be trying to repair itself now and your ovary might be a little inflamed or irritated from the rupture. usually nausea and that achey feeling just come with the cyst rupturing, they should go away soon. drink a lot of water and rest a lot and you should feel better in a few days.

  5. kosm
      January 21, 2014

    Can Ovarian Cysts make you feel very ill?
    If you have symptoms of an ovarian cyst, does that mean it is a cancerous cyst? My ovaries are killing me. My back and legs hurt and I feel like I have PMS, but I don’t. I am sick to my stomach too, very bad.

    • SpinSpinSugar
        February 24, 2014

      If they rupture, (burst) then, yes, they can make you very ill. What you’re describing sounds almost more like kidney stones, though, (I’ve had both).
      Go to the ER right away and get an MRI. If you’re vomiting from it, that’s a bad sign. Ruptured ovarian cysts can be toxic.

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