Smelly Discharge In Women – A Cause For Concern?

Smelly discharge in women can sometimes be a cause for concern and this is largely dependent on the other symptoms which accompany it. Normal women have varying levels of vaginal discharge and mostly, it is no cause for concern whatsoever. Normal discharge ranges from clear-white in color and will have either no smell at all, or perhaps a slightly musky odor which is inoffensive. The color and consistency will vary depending on what stage of the monthly cycle a woman is at and, to a certain extent, their age.

If you have a clumpy white discharge which is similar in consistency to cottage cheese, this could indicate a yeast infection such as Thrush. Sometimes this is accompanied by an unpleasant smelly discharge in women, but it is not always very noticeable. Thrush can sometimes be difficult to eliminate and although it rarely leads to other problems, it can be extremely irritating and painful, with your vaginal area feeling tender, with a hot, burning sensation. You will certainly want to take steps to do something about it!

The most common cause of smelly discharge in women is bacterial vaginosis. This condition will affect around three quarters of women during their adult lives, whether sexually active or not. Although isolated outbreaks are not dangerous, women who have recurrent bacterial vaginosis are more likely to get pelvic inflammatory disease which can lead to infertility. In addition, women who regularly suffer are also more likely to contract the HIV virus if they are intimate with an infected partner.

Bacterial vaginosis causes an offensive smelly discharge in women which many describe as being "fishy". The discharge is gray or white in color and sometimes watery in consistency. More often than not, women will also experience itching and burning around the sensitive vaginal tissues.

If you suffer from recurrent outbreaks of any type of smelly discharge, then you will no doubt want to take steps to get rid of it, not only for the embarrassment factor but also because it could lead to complications, particularly in the case of BV.


  1. Mr.bean
      November 23, 2011

    Does my sister need to get her uterus removed? is this possible?
    aged 48, has a fibroid in her uterus measuring 3 cm x 4 cm. She is under menopause but does not have a heavy flow. She has normal bleeding for a day and a half and there is no white discharge or any pain. But, if the doctor examines her abdomen by pressing the lower abdomen, she has a little pain. Is it necessary to have her uterus removed on an emergency basis or she can wait for some time. Can she lead a normal life with this size of the fibroid in her uterus?

    • itskind2bcruel
        February 26, 2012

      This is for a doctor to answer and since she is seeing a doctor, you should trust him. it is possible to remove a woman’s uterus, ovaries, cervix, etc. trust your doctor. get a second opinion if you need validation.

  2. roses*are*red
      January 27, 2012

    28 weeks pregnant and having problems with sex. please advice. thanks.?
    am 28 wks pregnant. i have a large fibroid ouside my uterus. so far my doc said it was ok to have sex.
    we do it once or twice a week, and there had been no problem until recently.
    we had had sex one morning and it was unusually tighter and hurt a little. but it was ok. after that i started discharging some white stuff, and my vagina started to hurt. the pain became worse when i tried to walk about. it lasted for about 2 hours.
    and the whitish discharge went on until the next day.
    has this happened to anyone else ?
    thank you for your response.

    • Kimberly C
        February 14, 2012

      As your baby grows, it naturally takes up more room in your uterus and abdomen. Because you have an existing fibroid, then space will become even less available. The vagina can become drier during pregnancy, try a lubricating gel of some sort to help with the tightness. If you are experiencing pain, I would maybe reduce actual intercourse and pleasure each other in alternative ways. You do not have that much longer until the baby arrives….keep yourself and baby safe and healthy. Follow your doctors orders and best of luck to you!

  3. Melissa
      February 5, 2012

    Pain during sex, Serious question, need Serious answers please?
    I’m having pain during sex but only with deep penetration. On a scale of 1-10 i would say a 7. It’s been this way for a couple months. Changing position does help. But i miss the other way. My husband and i been together for 8 yrs and never had this problem before. I also have 2 babies 19 months and 7 months, they are 12 months and 2 wks apart. They were both vaginal births. With my first i did tare a little. But like i said the pain only started a couple months ago. After i had my youngest we resumed sex after 5 weeks and i didn’t have any pain. And in addition to the pain during sex i’ve had increased discharge, it’s clear to white in color with no odor. And i’ll also have cramps. pain level, about 4-5. My mom was recently diagnosed with uterine fibroid but didn’t say anything about pain during intercourse. what could be the problem?
    The last couple weeks i’ve been thinking maybe i might be pregnant again. My breast are a little sensitve but I’m still breastfeeding so i’m not too sure

    • Chuck
        February 26, 2012

      I don’t know about an STD, but you could have developed a cyst or something.

      I hate to give the cop-out answer, but go to the doc.

  4. Pooh Bear
      March 2, 2012

    I Need Urgent Help please?
    My last period was in July 2010 and I missed August, I have dry blocked nose from past week, I cant taste anything in my mouth, and when I drink water it feels tight in my throat,
    and also I just notice thick white virginal discharge.
    and not feeling well inside, my body to is abit hot.
    and most of all I have pain in my left lower stomach, please some one tell me whats wrong with me.
    I only take Black-mores Multivitamin woman’s Vitality one tablet in every 2 days, with 1 Codalgin Plus for pain. I also have some head aches and I don’t feel like eating.

    what should I do?
    and whats wrong with me?
    and yes I also have 14mm suberosal fibroid outside my uterine wall.

    thanks in advance.
    I have got an appointment with my GP but its for next week, so i have to wait , till then if possible for me to get some advise……………………

    • mudit
        March 3, 2012

      If u missed your period, then you can be a pragnent.
      Otherwise you should go to doctor
      Masterbutate once, if that could help you.
      White discharge could be your c*m.

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