Natural Cures For Fibroids

Methods to Shrink Fibroids Naturally - Natural Cures For Fibroids Treatment

Author: Melanie

Statistically almost 40% of women have at least one fibroid by the time they reach menopause. In most cases women do not resort to any formal fibroids treatment since these tumors remain undiagnosed. Fibroids are benign tumors which grow on the uterine wall. It is caused due to a hormonal imbalance which can be easily gotten rid of by resorting to natural uterine fibroid treatment.

Once of the primary causes of fibroids is hormonal changes. The hormonal changes responsible for fibroid growth can be influenced by lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes will shrink fibroids naturally and make the tumors small in size. These changes pertain to

a) diet

b) exercise

c) herbal supplements

d) other lifestyle changes

e) acupuncture

Diet Changes

While undergoing fibroids treatment avoid processed foods. White flour, white rice, sugar, and other carbohydrate rich food causes insulin level in the body to rise drastically. Insulin changes the way in which our body naturally handles estrogen. This in turn promotes the growth of fibroids. A few other dietary changes recommended for natural uterine fibroid treatment include

a€¢Eliminate fried foods which cause liver overload.

a€¢Avoid all forms of caffeine, including tea and chocolate and alcohol

a€¢Include plenty of dark leafy green vegetables, lentils and beans.

a€¢Drink filtered water throughout the day- 3 liters is ideal to flush out all harmful toxins from the body.


Engage in moderate form of brisk exercise like walking for at least 45 minutes each day. This will automatically keep a check on your weight and help you maintain overall good health.


Some of the popular herbs used in fibroids treatment include:

Dong Quai

Chasteberry also known as vitex

Milk thistle and


These herbs are very useful for liver detoxification. Liver is the main organ responsible for metabolizing estrogen and hence it is important to keep it functioning at optimal levels.

Other Lifestyle Changes

Environmental estrogens, or xeno-estrogens, are found in many things commonly used by people these days like

a€¢Personal care products





By making use of these things you are indirectly ingesting estrogen into your system. Unknowingly these estrogen mimickers in fact fuel the growth of fibroid tumors. Hence it makes sense to limit your exposure to environmental estrogens while undergoing fibroids treatment. Instead go in for eco friendly products wherever possible.


Accupunture relieves stress and is very useful for in uterine fibroids treatment. It is being increasingly recommended alternative practitioners to shrink fibroids naturally.

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I am an ex banker turned home maker. As soon as I reached the age of 40 I started experiencing a number of typical "women's problems". Like most others I too always resorted to modern medicines as my first line of treatment. Needless to say it was always accompanied by a number of side effects. Sick and tired of bearing up with the side effects I decided to do some research of my own. Thanks to internet I came across ideas and methods of natural cure for most of these typical women's issues. I have tried these out personally and now am a strong believer in nature cure. Nature Cure is absolutely safe, has no side effects and offers permanent solution for most of our problems.


  1. ladylock11
      May 21, 2011

    Natural cures for fibroids.?
    Has anyone tried a natural cure for fibroids without having surgery?And if so what was it,and did it work.

      May 31, 2011

    Has anyone tried any natural cures for Uterine Fibroids? & Did it really work?
    I am concerned that I may have uterine fibroids. My period has changed signifcantly from my norm of 3 days of light bleeding to 1 day of spotting, 2 days of very heavy bleeding (leaking through super plus tampon ever 2 hours), 2 days of regular bleeding and another 2 days of spotting for a total of 7 days now. My period has also changed from every 28 days to every 26 days. Each month my period has gotten longer and heavier. My mother had fibroid tumors and had to have a hysterectomy. It is my understanding fibroids are hereditary. I would like to know about natural obtainable cures that actually work.

    • blondz
        April 5, 2011

      i suffer from uterine fibroids, as did my mother, older sister, and 4 of my 1st cousins. one natural cure that i saw and only used once was Cheyenne pepper. one teaspoon at nite in a full glass of water. it is a very hot nasty taste. i battled fibroids for maybe 10 yrs. before i ended up in the er with hemorrhage. i didn’t have a hysterectomy. i had a myomectomy. they cut the fibroid off the outside of my uterus. i have a cut from my naval down, i was in the hospital for 3 days and out of work for 6 wks. the 1st 2 periods were bad and then the were great, but that only can last 6 yrs, its been 8 for me, I’m now starting to have problems again. I’m 48 now and if i have to be cut again i will just have the hysterectomy. a co-worker had a myomectomy, and she went on to have 2 full-term healthy babies. i considered my age at the time. you can get a book of home remedies at a major book store, try some of what you may find in them. good luck! in short do what’s best for you and your lifestyle. you have to live with the results.

  3. Lgdgm
      June 4, 2011

    Does anybody knows a natural cure for fibroids, only serious answers please?
    I have fibroids and they are very big, my GYN doctors prescribed 6 months of Lupron they help a little bit but the fibroids are growing back, does any body know any natural cure for fibroids, I will appreciate it

    • angela b
        June 7, 2011

      There are a few things that you can try.

      Vitex is one of the most widely known women’s herbs.
      researchers believe that vitex works by regulating the pituitary gland,the one that tells other glands how much of each hormone to make.
      The hormone in question here is estrogen,on which vitex has a regulating effect.
      Vitex needs to be taken for 6 months for it’s full benefits to be felt.
      An alternative practitioner typical dosage prescription would be any where from 2,000 to 5,000 milligrammes in capsules per day,or one to two dropperfuls of tincture 2 times per day.
      Caution-to not take during pregnancy,and Vitex can also lesson the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

      Dietary supplements
      To help shrink fibroids,try taking the following supplements once daily for 3 to 4 months.
      Vitamin C: 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams
      Selenium: 400 micrograms and Zinc: 30 milligrams.

      Uterine fibroid tea.
      This tea combines hormone balancing herbs with those that ease cramps.
      2 teaspoons vitex
      1 teaspoon black cohosh root
      half teaspoon dandelion root
      half teaspoon prickly ash bark
      quarter teaspoon cramp bark
      quarter teaspoon cinnamon bark
      4 cups of water.
      Combine the herbs and water and bring to the boil.
      lower heat and allow tea to simmer for a few minutes.
      Remove from the heat and steep for 20 minutes.
      Strain and drink at least 2 cups a day for 3 to 4 months.

      When you have a bath,you can add several drops of rosemary,lavender,or juniper essential oils to stimulate pelvic circulation.

      You could also try a castor oil pack
      The skin absorbs warm castor oil’s active constituents,lectins,which stimualate the immune response to help shrink fibroids.
      Five drops of essential can also be added to a castor oil pack to encourage relaxation.
      to make a pack,soak a clean cloth in castor oil,then place it on the abdomen or on any painful areas.
      Cover the cloth with plastic wrap,then another clean cloth.
      Then apply a heat sorce-A hot water bottle,a heating pad,a cloth bag of lentils,corn,or rice that has been microwaved for a few minutes.
      Leave on for about an hour.

      red raspberry
      This herb is useful if your fibroids cause excessive bleeding during menstruation.
      herbalists believe that it gradually improves the tone of the uterus.
      A typical dosage would be 1 to 2 cup of tea 2 or 3 times a day.
      (steep 1 teaspoon of dried leaves in a cup of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes).
      Caution- If you are or think you might be pregnant,use only under the supervision of an experienced practioner.

      Also in traditional chinese medicine,it is believed that taking milk thistle can also help.
      I hope I was of some help and I hope that you are feeling alot better real soon.
      Take care.

  4. sweetie
      June 25, 2011

    what natural way can I get rid of my fibroids?
    Natural cures for uterus fibroids

  5. sexysweettt
      June 25, 2011

    what is a natural cure for uterine fibroids?

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