Are There Any Side Effects Of A Hysterectomy?

By Olinda Rola


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  1. Isabella789 says:

    Hysterectomy side effects- what about Uterine Fibroid Embolization?
    I have a bleeding over 3 weeks, my uterine is large and I have Fibroid. My OBGY wants me to have Hysterectomy, I am getting Provera 10mg since last Sunday, and I had increased the doze to 20 mg.
    I am afraid of the surgery, I have heard about Uterine Fibroid Embolization which is non surgical treatment.

    My OBGY does not believe in that and refused to help me. I went to my primary care and got refer to see another OBGY for a second opinion.

    Ladies please tell me about your own experience which procedure did you have.
    What are the side effects of Hysterectomy, mood swing gaining extra weight? How long it takes to heal and be away from work? Thanks,

  2. okbyme123 says:

    Side effects of Having hysterectomy @ 24 years old?
    I am having a hysterectomy next week because I have severe endometriosis and cysts. I have been dealing with this for 8 years now. What are the side effects? Has anyone else gone through this at a young age? They are taking everything.

    • AQ says:

      Really sorry to hear your going to have a Hysterectomy at such a young age of 24.

      I found some information for you about the procedure, i hope this helps.

      All the best and good luck, i hope it works out ok for you.

  3. Rebecky says:

    Does anyone know the mental and physical side effects of a hysterectomy?
    I had a hysterectomy last summer at age 29 due to recurrent cervical cancer. They left in my ovaries but took everything else out. Now the biggest thing I notice is that I have no sex drive, which is driving my husband crazy. Is this normal?

    • M C says:

      I think it is normal. maybe your doctor can do a hormone count and see if it is normal. If not, maybe you need hormone replacement therapy. Good luck to you! My hubby wants me to get that new gel for women to enhanse it for woman called “vestra” I think, that’s the name. (sold over the counter) maybe get some..try it.

  4. RARE AIR says:

    what are the side effects of a hysterectomy ?
    My wife has fribroid tuma’s and is considering it. As her husband what should i do to support her?

    • Kelly K says:

      Side effects of hysterectomy (keep the ovaries). No more cramping, bleeding, birth control. Had mine 12/02 and started having an occasional hot flash just recently. PMS hung around for a few months. Other than that, and a lil ‘swelly belly’ .. everything’s fine. We adjust. Beats the HELL out of alot of pain.

  5. kstacyavon says:

    What side effects does a particle hysterectomy have on your sex drive? I will be keeping my ovaries. ?
    I have endometriosis, I have tried lupron, birth control, laparoscopic none of the above have worked. Here I am three years later with periods lasting all month long. My dr has given me the choice of what I would like to do next. I was really thinking about a partical hysterectomy. Any advice would help. Dr called it “Laparoscopically Supracervical Hysterectomy”

    • Secret says:

      You shouldn’t notice any changes at all, the ovaries are conducive to hormones, removing the uterus has little effect.

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