How To Heal Fibroid Tumors Naturally

If you have been looking at treatment options and would like to know how to heal fibroid tumors naturally, you may be interested to learn that you have a much better chance of a satisfactory outcome by using a tried-and-tested natural treatment rather than having surgery or using drug treatment.

Surgery for the removal of fibroids gives no guarantees and many women find that their fibroids regrow. Drug treatment is only ever used prior to surgery to make fibroids a more manageable size as this carries serious side effects and because of this can not be used for more than around 3 months.

The reason why conventional treatments are ineffective is because they do not treat the root cause of fibroids, which can be many and varied, and the only way to successfully heal fibroid tumors is to eliminate the causes of the fibroids and this will allow them to naturally shrink. There are a handful of alternative practitioners who specialize in teaching how to heal fibroid tumors and a consultation and treatment plan could prove costly.

However, there are steps you can take right now to begin to heal your fibroids. Firstly, it is well recognized that fibroids grow in response to an excess of estrogen and it has been shown that estrogen levels are higher in overweight women. Therefore, weight control and the maintenance of a healthy body mass index is one way of ensuring that estrogen stays at normal levels.

Certain pollutants in the environment can mimic the action of estrogen within the body and can fuel fibroid growth. As pollutants and toxins are stored in the liver, a comprehensive liver detox can be an effective way of beginning to shrink fibroids.

Herbal remedies have also proved useful and the following herbs have been used successfully in the treatment of fibroids:

* Milk Thistle
* Dandelion Extract
* Ginger Root
* Wild Yam
* Vitex
* Rosemary

In addition to herbs, certain foods with anti-inflammatory properties can help to shrink fibroid growth, particularly in women who are prone to inflammatory conditions and these include cumin, oats and hops.

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