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  1. alleyes7
      April 24, 2011

    How do I tell if I have Uterine Fibroids?
    My lower stomach has looked enlarged for a couple years now. When I first went to the doctor (years ago) he thought I was constipated, so I tried the laxatives..but it turns out I was not constipated, and that did not help. I haven’t been back to the doctor regarding this issue but I am planning to go soon. I think it might be uterine fibroids, as my stomach looks like I could be pregnant (which I am not). I am very thin otherwise, and know that it is not fat. Does anyone know any links to pictures of people with uterine fibroids from the outside? I can only find medical pictures of the actual fibroid, but I want to see if the stomach looks the same as mine.

    Thanks for your help.

    • avid reader
        June 4, 2011

      Have they done a sonogram yet? It would have to be an extremely large tumor to cause that much swelling. Please have them check your ovaries. I had fibroids for years as did my daughter but not the swelling you are talking about. I think you need an intensive workup as soon as possible. You can never be too careful and I would go to another MD other than the one you saw that gave you the diagnosis of constipation.

  2. CHOSEN1
      May 23, 2011

    fibroids and pregnancy?
    I’m pregnant I have fibroids. I’m 9wks went in for my first visit she did a vaginal ultrasound and really couldnt see anything through my fibroids, when she did it on my belly thought she saw it but the picture was so distorted I’m Soo worried she order an ultrasound with a technition that has a better machine than those in the doctors office. Has anyone heard of this before? Dont know if I will make it a week and a half for that ultrasound without having a meltdown..

    • Shelley
        June 4, 2011

      Okay, first keep in mind the chances are overwhelmingly that everything is absolutely fine!

      I have one friend with fibroids and they shrank down to almost nothing while she was pregnant. No problem at all. Try to chill out and wait for the 2nd ultrasound.

  3. Mommy To Zoe and Isaiah
      June 16, 2011

    My husband really ticked me off this morning. What would you do?
    This morning my husband accused me of favouring our unborn son over our 18 month old daughter. I would like to have some professional pictures done of him and of our family within a few days of his birth so we can give out his picture and birth announcement in a Christmas card, since he’s due 2 weeks before Christmas. We didn’t have our daughter’s first professional pictures done until she was 5 weeks. Here, when you get professional pictures done, you have to wait 2-3 weeks for the prints to come in, except at one store that has them ready in 24-48 hours.

    He also is accusing me of this because I’m having a 3D ultrasound done on September 23rd for the pregnancy. I will be 28w3d, so I’m hoping that we will get some better pictures than we did with our daughter. With her, the earliest we could get in was 32 weeks, and we didn’t get very many good pictures, face shots especially.

    He says that because we’re getting it done 4 weeks earlier than we did with our daughter, that it’s unfair to our son, since his pictures will be better than our daughters. I still say it’s more unfair not to have the 3D ultrasound done for him, since we did it for our daughter. I see it as unfair to do it for one child and not the other.

    So my husband is accusing me of favouring one child over the other, and it hurts me.

    I will admit, I have always wanted a boy, and this baby is my miracle baby, as I was told I’d never conceive and carry on my own again due to rapidly progressing endometriosis and uterine fibroids, but I don’t love my daughter any less than I love my son, and I don’t love my son anymore than I love my daughter.

    When I try to explain this to him, he just says I’m lying.

    What should I do?
    He is saying that because I want to get my son’s photos done earlier than we got our daughter’s done, it means I’m favouring my son over my daughter.
    We already went through counselling shortly after we married in April. We just finished in July. Apart from this incident this morning, everything is great. The other problem is that if I try to speak with him about it, he’ll either tell me I’m being ridiculous, or that he’s joking and I shouldn’t take it so seriously.
    Gypsy G, this is not a fight. It is a comment that hurt me. I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t overreacting to pregnancy hormones. My children do not and never will come from a broken home. Our home is a very loving and warm home. That is what they will know.
    Absolutely! We planned on doing one shot of him alone, a shot of the kids together, and then a family shot. We special ordered Christmas card with a Bible verse about a son being born, and it comes from Isaiah, which is what we’re naming him. I thought it would be interesting to put a small photo of him with his birth stats in these cards as a Christmas gift to our families and as a birth announcement.
    Glenna, I doubt I’ll go overdue. I went before the due date with my daughter, so I have a feeling I will with my son as well.

    • Michaela
        June 18, 2011

      Here’s what you have to consider: One, this is way more than just pictures we’re talking about, it’s a bunch of doubts contributing to one issue. He is only human, and while I think he is overreacting here is what I believe he feels, which helps me see where he’s coming from.

      For you this new baby is a miracle child, one who shouldn’t be alive inside of you at this very moment, your husband is probably paranoid about you feeling this way about your son prior to birth because he thinks it will cause favortism later on. Now as a good mother you know that’s not true, you’d never do that to your child, but people do imply things unintentionally and maybe that’s what has your husband nervous.

      I think maybe the pictures just sent him over the edge, I would try to talk it out because in life there are going to be a lot of tough times and you have to explain to him that he needs to be supportive of you as you will be with BOTH of your children EQUALLY. One thing that may set his mind at ease it for you to try and leave behind the mentality that your baby is a miracle child, he is and my heart goes out to your for it, but in my opinion I think it’s making your husband see you as being prejudice.

      Make him see that the two of you will soon have TWO beautiful children and that part of being a parent deals with trust and picking your battles.

      I wish you the best of luck with your marriage, delivery, and future, may your children be happy, healthy, and blessed.


  4. lizgas
      June 24, 2011

    36 weeks pregnant 5 days with question about gyno apt?
    I have an ob appt today. Last time i went to gyno they checked to see if i had dialted some. well she couldnt even feel my cervix she said it was too high up not only that it hurt so bad i also got a strep b test and the long q-tip thing they used hurt eventhough its sooo skinny. they doc said she would check to see if i was dialted only if i asked. i dont know whether i should or shouldnt since last time it was so uncomfortable and my cervix was so high up. do you suggest i ask to be checked again? i wonder y its so tight down there. i had an u/s last week and they didnt see any fibroids i wonder whats going on and why my check ups are so painful, anyone else have this happen too and what was it? intercourse is out of the picture because that hurts too

    • LosersSuck
        June 27, 2011

      I get checked for the first time and get cultures done next week at my 36 wk apt and I am TERRIFIED! Sex is like non existant for hubby and I because of the pain…feels like he is stabbing my stomache and I knoe if that is uncomfortable…the check up will be the same! These check ups are always uncomfortable so it is really up to whether you want to know how you are progressing or not…comfort levels only go down from here until baby is born!

  5. sweetlady
      June 30, 2011

    it may sound weird but is it possible a little tmi sorry?
    ok for a little while i would get this dull pain on my upper left side of my stomach . according to pictures of digestive symptoms it would be my colon the pain has now moved to my lower left side of my abdomen it is the same exact dull pain i was feeling on the upper left side , also according to where i get the pain and pictures of digestive systems it would still be my colon now my question is this sometimes i get this pain it sort of feels as if something is pulling inside my vaginal canal , it only happens on my left side and on the left side down there is where your rectum is , could it be that i am feeling pain from my rectum . i have gone to a gyn and the gyn said that my reproductive system is completely fine i explained the pain to him he thought it might of been fibroids and did a sonogram inside and the results came back clean and with nothing odd , as well as blood tests , i went to my regular primary care physician and she did a full sonogram because she thought it may have been something else and she also could not find anything wrong . she said it might be the food i am eating , i dont eat the healthiest food. so could it just be my colon giving me this pulling feeling i mean it would make sense cause if it was a bit swollen the ending of the colon is behing the vaginal canal so might be that i am feeling , any advise , thanks

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