fibroids on the uterus


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  1. Pika says:

    What is the different to fibroid and cyst?
    Normally, I saw people posted – fibroids in the uterus, cysts in the ovaries. Other than the location, are they the same things or different type of growing substances?

  2. neeru s says:

    Surgery of uterine fibroid and not received periods?
    I was having a large fibroid in uterus, I was on GnRh harmone Therapy from august due to which i have not received my periods, then a surgery was done and i have removed fibroid. Now 1 and half months after surgery yaet i have not received periods, Is it normal , Please tell me.I ma so helpless. Actulaly i ma unmarried.

    • Doc narain says:

      Hi , i do not think ur worrying will help you , because stress always postpones periods . You have not mentioned why have you been put on GnRh hormone , what I know that this hormone is given to induce ovulation ,when some one wants to become pregnant . Since you are not married , so i m just curious as to why ur doctor has put you on this . secondly r u having PCOS/PCOD ??? i mean some more information about ur age , weight , history of periods would be helpful to make any comments .regards

  3. sfSF says:

    Can uterine fibroids cause blood in urine?
    My aunt went to the doctor and they found she had 2 fibroids in her uterus. She is planning on scheduling a hysterectomy to have them removed.

    One thing she has been noticing is she has a lot of blood in her urine. Not just menstrual blood from heavy periods, but blood in her actual urine. I am wondering if uterine fibroids can cause a symptom like this? And if so, will the hysterectomy help?

    • Mamma Cat says:

      No. They are two different systems. Fibroids don’t bleed between periods although they can cause increased menstrual flow.
      The hysterectomy will remove the fibroids, but your aunt should tell her doctor about the blood in the urine to rule out infection before the surgery.

  4. krishna kumar says:

    My wife, undergone for operation and her uterus & ovaries removed. How long I should wait for sex? ?
    She had fibroids, in her uterus, weighing around 1500gms. Her uterus, ovaries removed. Any problem in having sex with her. Will it affect sexual life? Is there any closure in vaginal tract?

    • Muthu S says:

      No closure in vaginal tract
      Wil not affect sex-life
      No problem is faced in having sex
      Keep the doctor’s advice in mind and wait for your wife to fully heal and restore good health

  5. NeNe says:

    What does possible fibroid changes uterus mean?
    I had a ct scan done for abdominal pain it said no abnormal findings except possible fibroid changes uterus. What does that mean? I’d ask my ob but he’s on vacation.

    • Nonmandatory says:

      It means that you probably have a benign (non-cancerous) lump called a fibroid in your uterus. They are very common and normally cause no problems.

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