Fibroids And Raw Diet

Estrogen dominance is the main culprit in many conditions which lead to infertility and worse - estrogen dependent cancers. Some examples of estrogen dominant conditions are PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, low sperm count, poor sperm quality as a result of low testosterone, fibrocystic breast disease and obesity.

There are three different types of estrogen produced by the ovaries; E1 (estrone), E2 (estradiol) and E3 (estriol). Estrogen is a very important hormone for women. It promotes maturation of follicles, development of endometrium for implantation of the fertilized egg, production of fertile mucus, softens the cervix, lubricates vagina during intercourse and helps sperm to swim in the female reproductive system. It is the key hormone for development of female sexual organs and it's important for overall health of your breasts, fallopian tubes, ovaries and the vagina. And when you reach your menopausal years, your can thank estrogen deficiency for hot-flushes, dry vagina and the risk of osteoporosis.

Too much of a good thing?

So how come that something that's so good and important for female health can be also causing a host of conditions which predispose to infertility and cancer?

Balance and moderation is the key to any successful endeavor. Too much exercise can actually break down your muscle tissue and cause you to gain weight. Too much vitamin C can give you diarrhea and too much estrogen can cause a hormonal imbalance.

The fourth type of estrogen we recognize belongs to the group of so called xeno-estrogens. Xeno in Greek means 'foreign' i.e. not made by the body. In this context it refers to estrogens which we get exposed to through the food we eat, drinks we drink, creams, lotions and potions we put on our skin and the chemicals we inhale - some from the environment and some from exposure to commercial perfumes and cleaning solutions. Xeno-estrogens look similar to body-made estrogen and can dock on your estrogen receptors (key-lock system) and activate the same reaction in cell a real estrogen would. As all hormones depend on each other and secretion of one prompts the secretion of other hormones, soon you end up with uncoordinated release of hormones which start creating havoc in the body.

Daily agitation over prolonged time can lead to tissue and function changes ultimately resulting in a chronic condition. Chronic conditions respond best to dietary and lifestyle changes. So what can you do to prevent estrogen dominance in your body?

5 Foods to reduce estrogen dominance

1. Meet the cruciferous vegetable family! They are broccoli, cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts and cauliflower. This family of vegetables contains sulfur compounds (can be gas forming) and indole-3-carbinol. These guys bind to estrogen and escort it out of the body. Have three servings a day. These veggies can be eaten raw in salads (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and kale) or steamed (brussels sprouts). Kale makes wonderful healthy chips baked in the oven with some olive oil and sea salt.

2. Hello green leafy vegetables! Spinach, celery, rucola, parsley, dandelions, Swiss chard. Have 2-3 servings a day. Gren leafy's make great salads and can be blended in smoothies. Adding one banana to your smoothie will mask the grassy taste. If drinking a green drink is not your thing, add a handful of frozen blueberries or cherries to make it purple and taste of berries. A dash of stevia and vanilla essence compliment this gourmet combination.

3. Good morning sunshine! Fruits which remind us of our beautiful sun are all the citrus fruits; lemons, oranges, grapefruits (ruby red and yellow), mandarines, tangerines, pomelos and limes. Citrus fruits contain d-limonene which helps detoxify estrogen. Aim for one serving a day. You can juice them, eat them and add their juice to a variety of dishes. Organic lemons and oranges can be blended whole and make a great addition to smoothies making them taste delightful. If you are going to use the peel (which is very healthy) make sure to wash the fruit and use only organic fruits as pesticides can get absorbed into the essential oils found in the peel of citrus fruits. Pesticides act as xeno-estrogens, so you want to avoid getting exposed to them.

4. Grandma knows best! Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Insoluble fibre found in apples, oats, berries and beans binds to estrogen in your small intestines and stops it from being absorbed. That way you can reduce your exposure to xeno-estrogens from your diet. Aim for two servings a day.

5. Lastly these small seeds contain more than meets the eye! Sesame seeds and flax seeds contain estrogen binging lignans. Aim for two to three tablespoons a day. You can have flaxseed oil or ground up flaxseeds, sesame seeds sprinkled in salad or ground up in a paste called tahini. Flaxseeds are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

fibroids and raw diet


  1. queenneshat
      September 19, 2013

    Home remedies for heavy period?
    Hi I am 36 and have a very heavy period this month. any home remedies to help with this? I dont have any apin just VERY heavy bleeding. sorry if it is TMI!! 🙂

    • Jayaraman
        January 12, 2014

      I think you suffer from Menorrhagia or Hypermenorrhea –

      Menorrhagia or Hypermenorrhea is the medical term for excessive bleeding at the time of the menstrual period. Menorrhagia or Hypermenorrhea is the condition which can result in excessive bleeding either in number of days or amount of blood or both. Almost every woman at some time in her reproductive life experiences heavy bleeding during her menstrual period. Some women have heavy periods almost every cycle.

      Some other Home Remedies for Menorrhagia-

      -Asoka-aristha (wine prepared from Asoka) is the drug of choice in menorrhagia. Six teaspoonfuls (30 ml) of the formulation are given thrice a day with water. Asoka has haemostatic activity.
      -Tea made up of Coriander seeds are highly beneficial in the treatment of excessive menstruation. Six grams of these seeds should be boiled in half a litre of water. It should be taken off the fire when only half the water remains. Sugar can be added to it for taste. It should be sipped like tea while its still warm.
      -Cinnamon has been used historically for the treatment of various menstrual disorders, including heavy menstruation. It can be taken in raw form or powdered form, once or twice a day. It can also be taken in form of tea, boiled with water.

      Some recommended Diet and Lifestyle changes –
      0For the first few days the diet should consist only of milk and raw vegetables. No stimulants should be taken as they tend to increase the flow.
      -When the bleeding has stopped, great care should be taken to avoid over exertion or straining the body in any manner.
      -A full nature cure diet should then be adopted using fresh vegetables raw salads twice daily.
      -As a long term measure, what is needed is a scheme of treatment which will thoroughly cleanse the system of toxic material.

      The condition should be diagnosed by a doctor to rule out a variety of potentially serious underlying conditions such as cancer and uterine fibroids, abnormal position of the uterus and inflammation (swelling) of the fallopian tubes. Please do it immediatelyh-

      Best wishes. –

  2. questionT
      October 22, 2013

    organic/natural/home remedy for facial or body acne- inexpensive?
    I have PCOS, which has acne as one symptom. It’s not as sever as it could be, but I’d still like to clear it up. I’m not too into medicine, and also do not want to go on birth control or anything to get rid of this particular symptom. Any suggestions for natural home remedies or inexpensive organic products that work well for facial acne? I also have some acne around my body. Thanks!

    • PEACE
        December 20, 2013

      I have pcos and i have learned that when your insulin shoots to the roof, your testosterone levels shoot up also. And this in turn causes you to get acne. The insulin shoots up as a result of eating too many unrefined starches, such as white rice, pasta etc. Lower your intake of starches and eat more fruits instead of pastries. Eat more fiber.

      Wash you face with a good natural soap such as castille soap, black soap from africa. keep your face clean. i exfoliate my skin with sea salt, olive oil, raw honey and the essential oil of lavender. i do this 2-3 times a week. this may or may not work for you, but the acne is definitely the result of your diet as far as the pcos is concerned. There is something about carbohydrates and the link to pcos/acne, so you will need to cut them down in your diet and watch after a couple a weeks you will see a reduction in pimples.

      I know that you didn’t ask about this, but there is a supplement called d-chiro-inositol that is good for pcos. it is not well known, but studies have shown that it does relieve some of the problems with pcos.

      vitex the herb is also very good.
      vitamin d, calcium, magnesium
      all of your b vitamins, especially inositol, which is molecular similar to d-chiro-inositol.

      Also another supplement that i take for acne and other issues is called “cinnamon and poria” you can get it from radiant wonder. when i take it regularly i don’t get acne as much. It also calms you and is good for ovarian cysts, fibroids, cramping etc.

      I don’t sell any of this….just recommending.

  3. babehart
      November 21, 2013

    what is the natural way to get rid of filbroid?
    What food should be avoided to lessen the growth in size of filbroid?

    • Tony I
        January 16, 2014

      As women near the onset of menopause, hormonal changes increase the likelihood of fibroid development. Lower amounts of progesterone and increased amounts of estrogen can cause fibroids, which can lead to a menstrual problems, anemia, dizziness and fatigue. A few changes in your diet and other healthy natural changes can help prevent the formation of fibroids and shrink and eliminate existing fibroids.

      First of all, it would be a good idea to get a complete gynecological evaluation to rule out conditions that may have symptoms similar to fibroids. Once other conditions have been ruled out, here are some things that can help reduce and get rid of fibroids naturally:

      Avoid meats other than salmon, mackerel, tuna and cold-water fish which actually help reduce inflamed tissues and fibroid irritation. In general, avoid junk foods, fast foods, saturated fats, sugar, bleached white flour and processed foods. Avoid meats other than salmon, mackerel, tuna and cold-water fish which actually help reduce inflamed tissues and fibroid irritation. In general, avoid junk foods, fast foods, saturated fats, sugar, bleached white flour and processed foods. Also avoid alcohol and smoking.

      Eat a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, especially raw fruits and vegetables for their fiber content and their digestive enzymes which help remove fibrin.

      Incorporate pinto beans, split peas, lima beans, black beans and kidney beans into your diet to diminish estrogen levels and thwart fibroid growth. Eet at least one helping of beans every day.

      Eat natto regularly. Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans and is commonly eaten for breakfast in Japan. It contains the fibrinolytic enzyme nattokinase. (Note: avoid all non fermented soy products).

      Limit the amount of estrogen that enters your body. Reducing estrogen levels can naturally shrink fibroids. This includes limiting the use of birth control pills, hormone replacement drugs, spermicides and pesticides.

      Practice stress reduction techniques. Taking the time to de-stress can help shrink fibroids naturally. Stress can deplete progesterone in the body and lead to a surge of estrogen.

      Watch your weight. Losing weight can potentially help shrink uterine fibroids naturally

      Mix one to two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses with 6 oz. milk and drink once or twice daily to help remedy issues related to anemia by improving iron and potassium levels. The healthiest and best tasting milk, if available, is raw goats milk.

      Drink two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 oz. of water once each day to help with the elimination of body toxins and with fat loss.

      To speed up fibroid elimination, take 3-4 digestive enzyme tablets two or three times daily on an empty stomach. As mentioned earlier, digestive enzymes help break up and dissolve fibrin. Be sure to include serrapeptase for maximum fibrin elimination.

      (Thanks for the question – it lead to the creation of a new article)

  4. Lindsay
      December 31, 2013

    Whats going on with my Period?
    My cycles were always super regular until may of this year when I experimented with a raw food diet, and skipped my cycles in june and july. I’ve been vegan for three years and decided that works better with my lifestyle so I went back and my periods returned in August. They have stopped again for the last three cycles. Me and my bf don’t use protection and I’ve been experiencing pregnancy symptoms (boobs grew and now have stretch marks :(, I feel like a pepto bismal commercial nausea heartburn indigestion, alternating constipation and diarrhea, I sleep so heavily that I wake up drooling , constant gas and headaches). I’ve taken four hpt’s which came out negative, went to planned parenthood where they also did a urine test (-), visited my doctor who said everything looked good health wise and is testing my thyroid but didn’t think that was the cause. Could I be one of those people who doesn’t get detectable hcg in their urine? I realize how uncommon this is but the only other causes I can think of would be cysts or a fibroid which I’ve read can be very painful. I’m not in any pain.

    • Sharon
        January 14, 2014

      It’s not that uncommon, and it really upsets me when doctors or nurses tell their patients that.
      THEY ay only see it now and again in te clinic they work in.
      But if u did a poll on all doctors and clinics and asked how often they saw undetectable hcg in the urine, they would see the big picture.
      I really have lost so much faith in medicine, and lab work?????? forget it.
      6 yrs ago I was told I had osteoporosis 3 yra later I slipped A BAD FALL
      Shattered my femore in 4 places.
      Went to the hospital, told them I had osteo, they did a test while I was in there recovering, and told me I didn’t ave osteo, my bones were fine.
      This is just one of many conflicting labs I’ve had. .o yes, same with thyroid test opposing results.
      Get. Blood test, demand it and exam,mic ur 4 mo preggers they would see and feel the diff in ur uterus.

      Also with ur vegan diet, don’t forget to eat the right oils.
      Us vegans can suffer that way.
      Also, to much dairy, if ur doing dairy can make u gassy.
      U create less lactase, to digest all milk by products even whey, as u get older.
      I know whey isvsposed to be god for u, but nt all guts can digest it. Specially after 30.
      Good luck, I’d love to learn the end results in a few more months, if u have a baby.
      Have a wonderful life either way!!

  5. PeopleRcrz2Day
      January 22, 2014

    My body is nothing but INFLAMMATION I have?
    1. Ic – Intercyctis
    2. IBS
    3. Severe Gastritis /Just diagnosed
    4 Fibroid
    5. Constant constipation

    And, I was just diagnosed with the H polri Parasite

    I’m bloated, have constant headaches, and constipated constantly, and trying to find something that will work to make me go! I ache everywhere, have no motivation, and the Doctors just want to put me on tons of drugs!

    IDK what to do anymore?

    • ☼Get Well Soon!☼
        January 27, 2014

      Wow, you are a mess dear, lets work on this one problem at a time.

      For Interstitial cystitis (this will also help gastritis, fibroids, and constipation and might help with the H. Pylori), you will want to alkalize your body. This is often caused when you eat too much processed acidic foods and/or have a lot of stress. Try to eat a diet of fresh, whole foods (e.g. fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, and nuts/seeds). Drink plenty of water that is dechlorinated and defluoridated. When you keep an acidic body, it provides a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. To help with this, I am going to give you an alkalizing remedy:
      Alkalization: Slowly pour two teaspoons (to two tablespoons) of organic raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) (in health food section of market or in health food store for several bucks) over 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). After it stops fizzing, add one cup of water and drink this two to three times a day for four to five days a week (on an empty stomach). Continue this for a few months.

      For the fibroids, there is another remedy:
      Oral Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses (BSM) (high in copper): One to two tablespoons of BSM in one cup of water (may be heated) a day, for four to five days a week (can be added to either of the alkalizing remedies above).

      The IBS might be helped with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (NOT COMMON TABLE SALT, but sea salt sold in health food section of market or in health food store s) in one cup of water, take only once, one single dose only.

      If this continues, especially your constipation and headaches, please do consult a physician again.

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