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Do you know about your own body ? And how many do you know? Following me please, women friends. There are uterine fibriods whose growth are affected by the hormones and estrogen on our uterine walls. Most women suffer from them, but they are unware of that. Unfortunately, they are more common as thay age. Though they are benign tumors, they can trigger many discomfort.Stop Fibroid Method Click here

Pain and heavy menstruation is one of the apparent results. About 33% women are affected to blood loss as well as anemia. Freguent need to urinate is another symptom. Large fibriods which give a press on the bladder to reduce its capacity make you have a feeling to urinate more and more often. And with the utrine fibriods are bloating, they can make women looks pregnant. What a horrible thing for the women who want to be slim! If you have a fibroid near the cervix, you will suffer pain while having sex. Most severely, there are many difficulties for you to have children if you have the fibriods within the wall of the uterus. Certainly, there are many other discomfort such as bleeding in between periods, digestive complaints, pelvic pain and so on.

Of course, there are many corresponding ways to deal with the fibriods problem. If you want to none of your own children any more, you will choose the surgery to have a hysterectomy and the fibriods can't affect you for ever. Another surgery is to have a fibriod embolization and this kind of ways can also make you conceive difficultly. Well, you had better think about some natural cures. Most importantly, you should avoid taking birth control pills and choose a proper weight loss plan. Otherwise, there are many diet changes to help you to control the fibriods. Keep yourself from eating red meat , white bread, flour and so on. Keep yourself from agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, soft plastics and so on. If possible, you had better quit milk. And the organic or goat milk maybe the best choice for you. Besides above ways, a unique, 7 steps plan which are developed by an alternative practitioner is a useful tactic. It has been proved by many thousands of women worldwide and play an important role in the healing. Are you interested in having a try now? Stop Fibroid Secrets Click here

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  1. kellygirl
      August 10, 2011

    What are the odds that I have breast cancer and cervical cancer?
    I had 2 fibroid adenomas removed from my left breast in Feb of 2003 (1 at 6:00 & 1 behind nipple). Only a little more than a year after surgery I had a lump in the same 6:00 position. I had a mamo & ultrasound and was told that they were inconclusive and I needed a biopsy. Not wanting to go through surgery for every lump I was going to get, I chickened out and neglected to go back to the dr. About 3mos ago, I started having pain in my left breast that went from my armpit to my nipple. I went back to the dr who ordered another mamo & us. Same results except that now I have lymph nodes in both breasts as well as an inconclusive solid mass. I NEED to schedule a biopsy and will. However, the gyno also gave me the bad news that my Pap came back abnormal with low-grade cell changes. I’m a 33 yr old pretty healthy woman – so what are the odds or chances that I have breast and/or cervical cancer? Any information on these symptoms, conditions, tests, diagnosis, procedures, etc would be greatly appreciated. I’m on pins and needles worrying because I’m the mother of 4 children. Please help.

    • CHAR L
        August 12, 2011

      I am a CMA and the Granddaughter of a Breast Cancer Survivor

      I am sorry to say that your chance of developing Breast or Cervical Cancer are pretty high.. The pap may have been abnormal due to hormonal changes or if you just came off or was getting ready to start your period… Do the pap over again and Please have the biopsy

      I am sorry that people think that I should pussy foot around the question and answer and tell a person that every thing is going to come up kittens and roses..
      I work with cancer patients I know the reality I also have cancer survivors in my family so I am not sorry for telling the truth

  2. Mgirl
      August 11, 2011

    Any breast cancer survivors…I have a question?
    I have had a pea size lump about 4 months ago…six months after I had my first baby. I had it checked…ultrasound showed nothing. Doc said there are some breast cancers that wont show on ultrasound but he thought I had less than 5% chance of cancer. I did not have a biopsy. Now, the lump is still there. Not sure if it grew but it has been kind of sore when touched for self exam the last month or so…middle of my cycle. I do have a history of lumpy breasts (fibroid cysts)? This, though, was a new lump. I have appt. in a couple of days. No other breast symptoms present. I have been on birth control pill off and on for about 20 years. No family history of breast ca. Anyone have these symptoms? Could it be just a cyst?

  3. stacie w
      August 25, 2011

    irregular period with a few pregnancy symptoms?
    my last regular period was Jan 1. i had unprotected sex Jan 16th (pullout method). I was late 3 days and when my period came it lasted 2 days very light bleeding, no cramping (regular period 5 days heavy bleeding major cramping). I have been having pregnancy symptoms ongoing for the past 7 weeks; tender breast, bumps on my nipples, being exhausted after 9 hours of sleep, moody, elevated body temp, back pain
    light headaches, stomach ache, very bad gas, but no sickness. i’ve taken 3 hpt neg. whats going on? can anyone help, i know i’m not the only one? I had a miscarrage 6 weeks into preg in 06, and had a myomectomy (removed fibroid tumors) Jan 07. can fibriods be back? If so why no heavy bleeding? I’m confused HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!

    • lilninibear
        August 25, 2011

      go to ur gyno!!!!!!!!11

  4. Seafoodlover
      August 25, 2011

    Does this sound like implantation bleeding?
    I was diagnosed with PCOS 10-11 years ago, but have lost about 53 lbs. and had a fibroid removed within the past year and a half. My cycles started coming regularly in January (meaning they are coming on the same day each month, or within a day or two each month).

    Since my cycle started on the 10th of April and the 10th of May, I was expecting it to start on the 10th of June, or around the 10th of June. Each month I stick a cotton swab in there to see if I’m bleeding because sometimes I’ll start off bleeding internally, but nothing will leak onto the tampon or pad until later that day or the next day. So I checked on the morning of June 10th, and the cotton swam came out with dark brown, almost purplish-red blood, so I put a pad on and went on with my day.

    Around lunch time I went to the restroom and noticed there wasn’t much of anything on the pad. Just some dried skid marks. Later that day I did the cotton swab test … nothing … and I have checked every day since and there is nothing on the cotton swab. To my knowledge, I have never had a one day period or a half day period rather. In the past, I have started bleeding dark brown on the first day, but it usually turns to bright red the next.

    Usually I get ahead of myself and think that because my period is late I could be pregnant, but this time I actually had some bleeding that went right away. My breasts are sore, kind of stinging. If I touch them they don’t hurt but if I squeeze them they do. I feel like I’m having hot flashes. When I took my temperature it was between 97.8-98.3. I don’t chart my temperatures though so I don’t know how accurate that is. I have mild twinges and cramping in my stomach and womb areas off and on. A couple of days ago I felt like I was full and could throw up, but I didn’t feel sick.

    That’s about it … I don’t know if these things are just mental or if they’re actually the pregnancy signs. But I refuse to test and see a negative. Not until I get more symptoms anyway. Anybody else went through something similar?

    What do you think?

    • Anonymous
        August 25, 2011

      You’re a week late for your period, if you’re sexually active, you have a very good chance of being pregnant.
      The bleeding you described could very well be implantation bleeding which commonly occurres with mild cramping, as you described. Breast tenderness of often one of the first signs of pregnancy also, especially if this tenderness is different than tenderness you feel around the time of your period.
      Judging by the last day of your last period, you’d be about five weeks pregnant, which is far enough along to use an at home pregnancy test to get an accurate result. You don’t have to spend a lot on them, go and get a couple varieties from the dollar store. Use your first morning urine to get the best result!
      If you really, really don’t want to take a pregnancy test, go to your doctor, have them do a blood test…. Personally, I’d rather pee on a stick, because if you are pregnant, you’ll have to have enough blood work done, in my opinion.
      Good luck, hope this helped!

  5. -Laela♥Bug-
      August 25, 2011

    *Pregnancy? strange! Help Please : )?
    ok so this is a weird one. i have 2 babies stopped breastfeeding 5 mths ago.
    my husband had an extremely ‘botched’ vasectomy 5 months back. lots of bruising LOTS of pain and a doctor who ive just found out is well not so good at what he does.
    period was 4 days late (tmi here) only brown really and i didn’t even need a pad or anything. since that period my breast have been leaking again but just the tinniest bit(a drop or two) and constantly look like i am standing in a freezer if you get my drift. im pretty tired pretty moody and some other strange things that only happen when im pregnant.
    i went to the gyno wednesday who did an transvag ultrasound said i have a very thick uterine lining(wtf???) right now and in her exact words ” there’s deffinately something in there” she said could be fibroid polyps or a baby, she doesn’t know until the bloodwrk comes back. next week. ugh…

    with myself experiencing preg. symptoms is it possible that fibroids polyps etc are causing my hormones to act up and have prego symptoms. i have taken lots of tests just waiting for the thing to have 2 lines.every test even first response has an evap line but dont think it has color, a line mostly visible in natural light. and evap lines after a few hours on frer. which arent supposed to have evap lines.
    what do you think. any opinion is welcome : )
    do fibroid and polyps cause probs like preg. symptoms?
    also i was on welbutrin for a month, but came off of it completely about 2 weeks ago just in case. would it cause extreme preg. symptoms?

  6. MeganStar
      August 25, 2011

    Pregnancy Symptoms Are Subsiding?
    I’m 9 weeks pregnant when I went to see my doctor he said that I had a small fibroid but not to worry about it. But now my breast that once grew in size because of the pregnancy are reducing in size. Also my symptoms are subsiding. I don’t think I’ve had a miscarriage because I’ve not had any pain or bleeding. What should I do?

    • Skadoctor1
        August 25, 2011

      You probably had an estrogen surge and your hormones are leveling off or your body is getting use to the extra…. I had to take Yaz last year after a miscarriage to suppress my ovarian function to reduce risk of miscarriage in next pregnancy (I have pcos). It is supposed to be a low estrogen birth control. My boobs got HUGE with the medication. I was very emotional too. But, after about a week, things subsided, my breasts eventually went back to their normal size (about 2 mos. in to a 6 mos. run of the medication) and all was well. My emotions stopped after about a week. My body had gotten use to the extra estrogen etc. that the medication was supplying.

      I would assume similar is occuring in your situation. Especially since you dont have pain or bleeding. Im sure as baby developes and more hormones come on further along in pregnancy you will experience these things again.

      The fibroid might also have caused your hormones to go out of whack for a few. Good luck!

  7. JJH
      August 25, 2011

    help with pain on left side of body.?
    For the past few months I have been getting pain on the left side of my body. it started out in my left shoulder and left side of my breast and is now in my left arm and left leg. Also had some excessive belching. I went to the ob/gyn and had a breast exam done and all is fine just some fibroid webbing. Then I have gone to my PC doc and they ran EKG and blood work all has come back normal except slightly elvated chol. Doc gave me med for gerd and belching has decresased but all other symptoms are still present. I go back for a follow up appt thurs. Also it all seems to get worse when my period is coming. Has anyone had the same problem? Can someone give me some advice. Little info 28y.o female one child 13 months old and had epidural. Any help would be great.

    • Gr8Doc
        August 25, 2011

      if you know the anatomy you know that epidural can not cause this taking in consideration the shoulder pain.. but i can agree that its more likely a neurological case

      my advice: consult a neurologist…

  8. JJH
      August 25, 2011

    pain left side of body?
    For the past few months I have been getting pain on the left side of my body. it started out in my left shoulder and left side of my breast and is now in my left arm and left leg. Also had some excessive belching. I went to the ob/gyn and had a breast exam done and all is fine just some fibroid webbing. Then I have gone to my PC doc and they ran EKG and blood work all has come back normal except slightly elvated chol. Doc gave me med for gerd and belching has decresased but all other symptoms are still present. I go back for a follow up appt thurs. Also it all seems to get worse when my period is coming. Has anyone had the same problem? Can someone give me some advice. Little info 28y.o female one child 13 months old and had epidural. Any help would be great.

    • gynodoc
        August 25, 2011

      I would suggest seeing a neurologist! as it seems to involve the entire left side of body!

  9. Seafoodlover
      August 25, 2011

    My husband seems a little too excited about the pregnancy. Am I crazy for feeling this way?
    I took two HPT’s on Monday – both were positive. We went to the doctor that same day and took another one – it was positive. They drew blood and called back the next day and said I was definitely pregnant – as of Tuesday I was 5 weeks and 2 days. So it’s confirmed. I’m almost 32. He’s almost 31. This will be our first child and our first pregnancy. We’ve been married for almost five years and it’s taken this long to get pregnant. So I understand that he’s excited. He’s always wanted a child and so have I. But my husband is going a little overboard with the excitement.

    When I got home on Tuesday, he must’ve gotten on the computer immediately when he got off work. He was looking up the different weeks in pregnancy and what I should and shouldn’t be eating, doing, etc. He is driving me nuts already! He’s rubbing my stomach and it’s not even sticking out yet! If it is, it’s just flab and fat. He kisses my stomach at night. He asks if I need anything, if I’m comfortable, etc. During the day he’ll text me and ask if “we’re” alright. He’s freaking out because I’m supposed to be getting my touch-up relaxer next Friday.

    I am just as thrilled as he is, but I don’t want to go overboard seeming we haven’t even passed the first trimester or had our first prenatal visit (which isn’t until Wednesday). I want to see the ultrasound, make sure the baby is attached in the right place, and that a heartbeat can be confirmed. Then I will be able to relax a little bit. I have no reason to be scared, other than it took so long to get pregnant and I was diagnosed with PCOS 10-11 years ago. I’ve lost nearly 53 lbs. over the past year and half, and I recently had a fibroid removed in March 2009. It has to be all in God’s timing and I so thankful.

    But I constantly find myself worrying and praying that all goes well. I’m always looking on Yahoo Answers and other sites for symptoms of miscarriage or blighted ovum. I’m not thinking negative, but I’m really afraid to get too excited because I never in a million years thought I’d be pregnant. I think I’m kind of hurting his feelings because I get annoyed with his gestures.

    I guess once I get word from the doctor that the pregnancy is progressing well, and I begin to see a stomach, I will feel a little more at ease. Also, other than mildly sore breasts, burning feet and very rare queasy feeling, I don’t feel pregnant at all. I don’t want to be puking all over the place, but I want to make sure I’m pregnant so I want to see more symptoms. LOL.

    • Vicky
        August 25, 2011

      I think you’re very lucky to have a hubby that’s so excited. At least you’ll be able to ask him to do stuff for you (when you get bigger) and he’ll be happy to oblige. But I know what you mean. I tried very hard NOT to get too excited in the early days, because I am 38 and the miscarriage rate (and birth defect possibilities) are much higher for me. But once the shock wears off, you’ll get really into the idea. I promise! Don’t worry about it, take the prenatal vitamins, eat well, get DH to cook and clean for you, and life will be good 🙂

  10. Xo~BabyDoll~Xo
      August 25, 2011

    is this normal for fibroid tumors ?
    i was informed that i had a fibroid tumor in my uterus and that its the size of a 12wk preg. but the only symptoms i have are pain in lower ab. ,pain in lower back and tailbone, and pain in my legs , my periods seem to be reg. and i do bleed a lil heavy when i get them and i some times pass clots the first 2 days . i dont bleed inbetween my periods either at last not yet thank god , i do feel pressure on my pelvic bone , and it has a burning feeling, my breast seem to be hurting and my nipples are burning exspecially when touched . is that normal for having a fibroid tumor? anyways my gyn. told me that i needed a hysterectomy too and well i dotn want to lose my uterus but if ness. i will go , but i am looking into geting that ufe prcedure . the only thing that alarms me is that my doc only did a pelvic exam and didnt go any further to make sure that is what i had and told me that i needed surgry , i find that a bit wierd and scary !if any1 can help pls email @

    • banzai
        August 25, 2011

      your doctor is 100% correct, but if you’re that concerned that it’s correct, go see another GYN, who will most likely tell you the same thing.

      Fibroids that large can be dangerous, and almost always grow back. You really want to treat this soon. Pain is not an easy thing to live with, and the risk of endometrial cancers is nothing to ignore.

      Yes, it sucks that you may have to have a hysterectomy, but think of the other alternative, fibroids progessing more and more, causing more and more pain, until they eventually could turn cancerous and can kill you. You have to weight the decision.

  11. not_right_in_the_head
      August 25, 2011

    Can you help me?
    First off, I am scared to take another pregnancy test because I have been disappointed over the last 5 years. I don’t get normal periods and have had a uterine fibroid removed and a D&C. I have also had pregnancy symptoms before and was never pregnant. Not fun. So, please keep in mind that it is very hard for me to take another one. I guess I really just want a pep talk cuz my heart can’t take much more.
    Right now I have many of the symptoms. New ones for me are: Feels like my lower abdomen is spasming ever so slightly, nose bleeds (due to winter?), Can’t seem to eat enough (I quit smoking), breast went up a size, and my belly is bigger (squishy- from eating to much?). and I get weak and shaky when I’m hungry and wait to long. more discharge that is creamy. Haven’t had my period since Dec 8th and spotted 2x, each when I should have had a period (this is not abnormal to me). Normal symptoms that fooled me: tired all the time, tender breasts, extremely moody, lower back aches.
    My husbands little swimmers are strong and I have unexplained infertility. I gave up on the BBT as a way to try to relax more.

    • Yellowgirl
        August 25, 2011

      As you know, symptoms lie. But if you haven’t had a period in that long, something is wrong. Could be just a period of anovulation, but you should get it checked out. If you are not pg, then you can get some prometrium to kick start your period so you can try, try again! Right now you are in a holding pattern, so look at it this way– either you are pg, or you can do something to get your system started again. So you are moving forward towards your baby either way. Just get moving! GL!!!!!!

  12. Xo~BabyDoll~Xo
      August 25, 2011

    is this normal ?
    i have well at least my gyn told me i have a fibroid tumor , but the pains im having are almost like contractions , but i am also exsperancing heart burn , tender breast, and a numb feeling on my left cheek bone , is this symptoms of a fiborid tumor too ? i also have a pale look to me and dark circles under my eyes . im just concerned and i cant g ot to the doc until oct. if anyone u women out there has had these symtoms with a fibroid tumor please inliten me i want to hear all about . but if anyone of u are experacning or had these symtoms and they were something please also inliten me . again i want to here your info and facts and everything else ……… i thank you for posting ………
    PS- oh yeah wanted to tell yall that i was also informed that my doc didnt do a througher exam on me and as far as what he diag. me with i might as well be thinking theres nothing wrong with me , only cause he did a pelvic exam , no bllod work , no ultrasound, no mri, nothing, and he said i have a fibroid tumor ,enlarged uterus the size of a 12wk preg, and i needed a hysterectomy , now u tell me how a doc can tell u what u need w/o further investagting and making sure this is what it truly is ??????? thats my biggest question of them allllllllllllll !!!!

    • Veryconfused
        August 25, 2011

      you need to find a different doctor..sounds like this one is blowing you off. What you are describing sounds far from normal or something not to worry about. And hysterectomies? That should be only as a last resort.

  13. queen-E
      August 25, 2011

    Will a mammogram hurt my unborn child? ?
    I have had so many symptoms of pregnancy missed period,nauseous,very moody,changes in my breast,the next months bleeding, i had a pinkish blood and i only spotted for a few days. my stomach feel bigger too. I told my doctor all this he did a blood test and it came back negative. He had me take a mammogram anyway knowing i could be pregnant. I also have large fibroid tumors. If i am, will the large fibroid tumors protect the baby from radiation? My first child i had i never found out till i was 3 and half months pregnant with him. All the test i would have with my son came back negative just like this one. Please can someone help me? I’m so worried!!!
    I for got something i think I’m eight weeks far along I had sex DEC 7th of 2008.
    Sunshine how far along were you? Your answer makes me feel better.
    I had sex on DEC 7th my period was due DEC 18th through 20th missed my period for DEC. In Jan on the 17th my first bleeding was pinkish color. I only spotted for a few days. I did tell my Doctor about my first child my son all my symptoms and how my test would come back negative for months.
    Also will my large fibroid tumors shield my unborn child from radiation?

    • Pippin
        August 25, 2011

      Mammograms are pretty low in radiation.

      The real question here is a) ARE you pregnant and b) do you need the mammogram?

      If it’s routine, I’d probably wait until you can confirm or rule out pregnancy (it sounds like you aren’t, but the doctor could do a blood test or ultrasound [if you’re a couple of months along] to be sure.)

      If it’s important (you have a history of breastcancer, or a previous mamogram was suspicious) then you need to weigh the risks of doing the test against the risks of NOT doing it.

  14. Sarah M
      August 25, 2011

    I have missed my period for now 3 months but not pregnant.?
    I am 25 years old and have always been on a regular menstruation schedule. I have not been on birth control for over 2 years and use condoms or withdrawal method on days that I am not ovulating. My last period was on October 16th 2009. Each month since then, I would get spotting….by that I mean literally one spot, one day of the month. Its brown or pink. I have taken 3 pregnancy test on my own….negative. I even went to a clinic last week and their test came negative as well. I got a pap smear and an exam then….still waiting for the results but he said overall I seem fine except a little foggy pee so he treated me with an U.T.I which I get here and there. He highly doubts that its an ectopic pregnancy and mentioned a possibility of fibroid. Although I don’t suffer from heavy bleeding or major cramping. I have been going through some transitions such as a move and looking for a job. But I have been in stressful situations before and never lacked a period. What is wrong with me? What are those spottings? Could it be the day of ovulation? Could I still be ovulating? My biggest fear is that I am permanently infertile. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years and we plan on having children within 5 years. Not getting my period scares me a lot. I am not getting other symptoms but sometimes I think I am cramping then I find it may be gas or all in my head. I have been a wee more emotional and erratic (this is what my boyfriend is saying) but I think its due to this situation of not knowing whats wrong with me). My skin is EXTREMELY clear and normally I get a pimple a month, NONE of that. My breast haven’t changed at all, my weight hasn’t been irregular (just the normal 5 lb fluctuation). My discharge doesn’t seem to be out of the norm, although I have had some white discharge but its not cottage cheesy or way out of whack. My boyfriend thought I had a lot of mucous and was sticky the other day when we had sex, he thought it seemed like when I was ovulating (he is very in tuned with my body as well). HELP. Oh and I smoked marijuana these past months but had quit 2 weeks ago. But that never stopped my period in the past (I smoked in high school and in college a whole lot more..not like recently). WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Thanks for your help.

    • *MoM of 2 bOyS*
        August 25, 2011

      My vote is for stress. I know you say you’ve been stressed b4 & never missed ur period but there is a first time for everything. Stress can really mess your body up. I’ve been there so I know that much. If you think you may be infertil I would definetly get to a fertilty dr asap. I know you say it’ll be within 5 yrs b4 kids but you might need to start now with the fertilty stuff if that in fact is what’s going on. You can be stressed & not even know it. A few years ago I was missing my period for months , my hair was falling out & I was real hard to be around. Everyone around me was saying “it’s stress”. I thought they were all crazy , i mean i felt fine. A few months later my hubby & I moved into a bigger house away from the crazy street we were living on & BAM a few weeks later I got my period back & my hair hasn’t fell out since. Not saying I don’t ever get stressed out but just not that anymore. I really wish you the best of luck. Take care & God bless!

  15. sasakasa1975
      August 25, 2011

    Confusing U/S?
    I don’t know whether or not I am still pregnant and wanted to know if anyone has gone through this experience.
    My hubby and I found out we were pregnant in Dec 06 the day before New Year’s. We went for an u/s b/c I started spotting at five weeks and there was no heartbeat and fetal pole. At eight weeks we went back b/c I was spotting again. There was a heartbeat 121 hp/m and a gestational sac and fetal pole. They estimated the gestational sac to be at 7 weeks. I started spotting again at 10 weeks, went for a u/s and they don’t see a heartbeat and detect the fetal pole and gestational sac are at 7 weeks and 4 days. I was told I had a missed miscarriage.
    I still have my symptoms of pregnancy (bloated tummy could be due to large uterine fibroid of 9cm), but no sore breasts no vomitting etc.
    My OBGYN wants me to go for another u/s in a few days to determine whether my pregnancy is non-viable b/c I haven’t expelled the baby and I am just spotting not bleeding heavily. Any thoughts?

    • veronica c
        August 25, 2011

      They probably want to do another ultra sound because of the confusion from the last two, you will probably have to undergo a d @ c…. a procedure where they scrape the inside of the uterus to shed the remainder of the pregnancy.

  16. maggiemay
      August 25, 2011

    Any thoughts on this?
    I am 37 years old and for the last few months I have been having problems-really extra problems with my cycle because I’ve always had problems because of fibroid tumors. The last few months, I have alot of pain, sore breasts, back and leg pain, serious mood issues, and the time span of these symptoms has went from 2 or three days to 2 weeks before i actually start. As of yet I haven’t yet this month and the symptoms are going away after 16 days of what I assume is PMS.

    • momma78239
        August 25, 2011

      Go to the doctor! It could be endometriosis, or it could be early perimenopause causing hormonal screw ups, or it could be something else completely that I don’t know about, but the doctor might.

  17. kellygirl
      August 25, 2011

    What are the odds that I have breast and/or cervical cancer?
    I had 2 fibroid adenomas removed from my left breast in Feb of 2003 (1 at 6:00 & 1 behind nipple). Only a little more than a year after surgery I had a lump in the same 6:00 position and my nipple inverted again like before the surgery. I had a mamo & ultrasound and was told that they were inconclusive and I needed a biopsy. Not wanting to go through surgery for every lump I was going to get, I chickened out and neglected to go back to the dr. About 3mos ago, I started having pain in my left breast that went from my armpit to my nipple. I went back to the dr who ordered another mamo & us. Same results except that now I have lymph nodes in both breasts as well as an inconclusive solid mass. I NEED to schedule a biopsy and will. However, the gyno also gave me the bad news that my Pap came back abnormal with low-grade cell changes. I’m a 33 yr old pretty healthy woman – so what are the odds or chances that I have breast and/or cervical cancer? Any information on these symptoms, conditions, tests, diagnosis, procedures, etc would be greatly appreciated. I’m on pins and needles worrying because I’m the mother of 4 children. Please help.

    • madison134
        August 25, 2011

      I have just had surgery for breast cancer. PLEASE, please, I know you’re scared….PLease go get a biopsy. I caught it early enough to get help and now Have a future. It’s intimidating, frightening and you feel out of control. Here’s the answer. I promise it will empower you. If there is cancer then you will be armed for bear and you can fight. Fight for your kids and for yourself. ACS has so many answers. I did this and I was so deathly afraid, but at least if you know you can choose before you have no options. There is a very good chance you have a solid mass, period. My symptoms were a lump. No pain, no anything, I found a lump. I have no history in my family and I don’t smoke. I’m here, I’m fine and btw, I have kids, a husband, family and friends, plus I own my own successful business and have for many years. None of it matters if you aren’t there. I had a mammogram, 2 ultrasounds, and a biopsy after I found my lump, and then surgery 4 days ago. My insurance is not helping with anything but the hospital…..Oh well, I will worry about payment later. Go. Please?! Now since I’m not worried about me, I will be worried about you. Good luck, and feel free to email me if you need more shoving. 😉

  18. Hoping he will bless me with #1
      August 25, 2011

    Have you ever had PMS symptoms around the time your period was supposed to come, but ended up being pregnant?
    I am hoping I am pregnant but don’t want to get too excited if my period shows up as usual. I have had PCOS for many years. I also have a fibroid on my uterus and my left tube is damaged. But my OBGYN thinks I ovulated or was about to ovulated (that’s what he said when I went to my appointment last Monday). So he told us to have sex during that period. We did once and then again a few days later.

    My stomach is not cramping as usual but my breasts are sore to touch and so are my nipples. I also feel like I am producing more discharge. The only thing is I sometimes feel this way when I’m about to start my period. It varies from month to month. Sometimes I’ll have really bad stomach cramps the day before and sometimes my hands feel like they’re swelling. My breasts are fuller and heavier.

    I hear that pregnancy and PMS symptoms are very similar. I have been through the “thinking I’m pregnant” thing tons of times, but I guess I have more hope since we went to the doctor.

    • Tanner and Leahs MaMa
        August 25, 2011

      Actually I had period like symptoms and thought I was getting my period and it never came after about 3 days late I tested and it was positive. My breast got very sore the first few weeks after I found out. Its possiable that you could be pregnant. I would wait and see if you get your period if not test. Good luck with everything!

  19. lilmomma_babigurl
      August 25, 2011

    Am I finally pregnant?
    I took 2 HPT tests. Both different brands. BOTH came back with very faint lines confirming a postive. Also had the following symptoms: Extremly sore breasts, so bad it hurst putting a bra on or off, exhausted. I sleep 8-10 hours a night and still feel really tired, especially in the afternoon. Heartburn, gassy, craving hot peppers, peeing all the time. I don’t need someone to tell me to go to the dr. I am calling first thing in the a.m.Just want to know who else experienced this and was pregnant. Can ANYTHING else give a postive on 2 different tests? Does the faint line matter? Also haven’t missed my period yet. Due the 28th of this month. Also battling large cysts nad a fibroid. Could either of these cause a postive? Please DO NOT answer with anything negative. I am a mom of a 6yr old. It’s just been a while, and we have been told for a while that I probably couldn’t conceive because of scar tissue and having PID 2x’s. No STD’s or other infections either!
    So I called the dr. and of course they took my info and said someone would call me back. AHHH! I hate the wait. After PID 2x’s, several cysts that were bigger than my ovaries, recently a large fibroid, and all sorts of meds, 4 pregnancy tests later, all positive! So yea I am thinking I am pregnant, BUT I am scared to get my hopes up just yet. I am do on the 28th for AF and I have a hostory of loosing them bw 6 and 8 weeks. Say a pray and I will get all posted. Thanks for all your wonderful support!

    • Wishin 4 Our Little Angel
        August 25, 2011

      Congratulations MOMMY to be again!!!!!! – Your pregnant hun. I also had PID only once and we have been ttc for over a year and have had no BFP. I go for a dye test in early april to see if therse any blockage. SO the PID caused scarring and thats why you couldnt conceive naturally???…..Just wondering?…Acturally i started to worry there think well we wount be able to conceive either…but heck what the heck am i talking about!…YOU CONCEIVED NATURALLY!..WOO HOO!

  20. wildchild
      August 25, 2011

    breast lumps????????????
    i found a breast lump like right above my nipple and within the aerola circle, only on my right one though. i am 20. im going to the doctors but would this most likely be a cyst or fibroid? i imagine if it was a malignant tumor i would be having more symptoms and probably fatigue..

    • lo_mcg
        August 25, 2011

      Most breast lumps aren’t cancerous – 80% of breast lumps investigated are benign. And breast cancer at 20 is almost unheard of.

      Fewer than 0.1% of all those diagnosed with breast cancer are under 30, and it’s almost unknown in under 25s. It’s rare in women under 40 (5%), and most of those diagnosed with it are over 50 (80%).

      When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was allocated to the breast care nurse whose special interest was ‘breast cancer in younger women’; I was 50.

      Early breast cancer actually has no symptoms, and fatigue isn’t a symptom of breast cancer.

      You are right to see a doctor, but while you wait for your appointment bear in mind how very unlikely it is that you have breast cancer.

  21. 1stLoveLastLove
      August 25, 2011

    Hopeful pregnant, but unsure….pts best answer ty?
    My dilemma….I’m 25, just married my husband on our 8 yr anniversary, we don’t have any children, have had 1 miscarriage with him 7 yrs ago. I have my period approximately every 35 days (5 weeks from 1st day of last period). They last for 7 days everytime. The 1st 2 days I have to wear the overnight pads since they suppossibly are considered heavy. The rest I fill 1 pad a day. My last period came at 46 days (1 week & 4 days late) & only last for 3 days. This period I would consider it spotting, I only had to wear a total of 2 pantiliners (didn’t fill completely up either). I always have severe cramping. I was diagnosed with a fibroid tumor when I was 18 & the doctor said that everytime I have a period my body thinks I’m going into labor & trying to push the tumor out (labor contractions he called it). This period I had absolutely no cramps (loved it, loved the whole thing). I was ovulating the (5 days after our wedding) April 10th (didn’t realized, found out from ovulation calculator) & that’s when he finished inside 🙂 finally after so many yrs lol. Anyways a week later I started feeling sick everytime I swallowed, mood swings (not normal type), & extremely tired. I was literally laying in bed all day. For 2 weeks I was so confused, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I finally started suspecting pregnancy, but didn’t mention anything to my husband (or anyone) until May 1st, within 2 hrs I went to the bathroom, wiped, seen a little red line, but a pantiliner on, but that was it, didn’t have anything on the liner. I thought that was it, until 3 days later (May 4th) I started. I have never had any of this happen to me so I’m so confused. I haven’t got a preg test bc through out all the yrs everytime I did they’ve came out neg & within a week someone else ended up preg. So I’m afraid it’s just going to be the same thing. Disappointment for me but happiness I’ll feel for someone else. At 1st for the nausea I would have to take vitC orange flavored tablets to help somewhat, then I started craving pickles (lol I know) but that only worked for less than a week, now it’s bananas & herbal tea. It only soothes it for so long though. I started out feeling nauseous & tired, now I’m feeling slight cramping (which is little more than 2 weeks til my period) just started about 4-5hrs ago, at this moment I’m not anymore, my breast just started feeling sensitive today, I’ve had a full, thick feeling in my uterus for about a month now (forgot to mention). The mood swings are still there also, they seem to be getting worse though. My husband caught me crying during a cartoon (A CARTOON) lol. I hardly ever cry over movies in general. Anyways I know I’ve got the symptoms but I’m just worried that we’ll be wasting money on a neg (my sis-in-law/bestfriend may be pregnant) so I’m thinking either I really am or I’m just getting her sympathy hormones or whatever u call them lol, since I always do. Also, I’m worried that it may not be pregnancy, it may be my fibroid. I’m just wanting advice, before spending money on a test. I appreciate everyones & everyones help. Thank you!
    Oh! & my eating has changed also. An example is if I’m able to eat 4 slices of pizza then I can only eat 1. Basically I’m eating about 1/4-1/3 of what I normally can. Smells are affecting me as well. I’m also getting headaches at least once a day. Another thing that helps my stomach is drinking lemonade. Not the kind that’s premade but the kind where u add the ReaLemon juice, sugar, & water. I’m being more antisocial too. I only want to talk at certain times. At times I can’t talk bc I feel everytime I open my mouth then I’m going to get sick. I haven’t gotten sick yet though. I have had some come up but go back down & that’s happened for about 5 weeks now. If I think of anything else then I’ll add it. If u have any questions then I will answer them so be sure to look back. Thanks again & sorry for being so long. I’m just lost 😀

    • Jessica
        August 25, 2011

      Uh…all signs point to PREGNANCY! I have had one miscarriage and after that I got pregnant with my now 3 year old daughter. Especially when you mentioned your breast tenderness. Your breasts get VERY tender and full. I am like 98% sure that you got a baby in the “oven”. When I was pregnant I always ate those little chocolate doughnuts WITH pickles….yuck! Anyways, hope this helps! If I were you I would buy a test! Also when I took my first test it was negative…but 3 days later I went to the doctor and they did a test and I was 8 weeks along, so tests CAN be wrong!

  22. Rachel
      August 25, 2011

    Weird symptoms going on.. please read!!?
    So, my boobs get sore everytime AF is fixing to be here.. so when mine starting hurting about 5 days ago i thought nothing of it, but yesterday i started getting this very sharp pain running through me right breast, which i’ve never felt before, it went all day, on and off. I slept all night, and woke this morning to no pain in either breast, thinking that it was finished for this month and now AF would get here.. well, i’ve still have NO SIGN of AF and my breasts have started hurting again, much worse than before! Also, for the past 2 hours or so i’ve had this weird pulling sensation in my lower abdomen.. it feels quite a bit like a pulled muscle (but ive done nothing to pull a muscle there.. lol).. i dont have to be moving around or anything, it just pops up and lasts a few minutes, then goes away.

    And i know for sure that it isn’t AF cramping.. my cramps are extremely painful and stong, this is nothing like that at all..

    i have PCOS and my cycles are extremely irregular, i’ve tested and it came back negative.. but i cant explain these symptoms! Has anyone else dealt with symptoms like this before and you were pregnant? The main thing im curious about is the pulling in my abdomen.. this is a new one.. and for someone thats had fibroid cysts removed.. thats saying alot.. haha..

    Thanks in advance for your comments/answers!

  23. Stacey
      August 25, 2011

    I want an ultrasound?
    My doctor has estimated i should be 6 weeks pregnant on thursday. I’ve had blood tests to rule out any infections/ diseases etc and to confirm the pregnancy. I’ve had symptoms such as sore breasts, frequent urination, tiredness, headaches and cramping. The cramping i’ve found is quite painful but there has been no sign of any bleeding. I just want closure, i’m desperate to know that the baby is secure in the uterus, not an ectopic pregnancy and that my small fibroid isn’t going to affect it. I really fear a miscarriage.
    Can i ask for an ultrasound or is it to early to see if anything is wrong?

    • HB
        August 25, 2011

      i’m sure if your doctor thought there was any real cause for concern he would book you in for an ultrasound. Cramping is quite normal in early pregnancy, your body is doing quite a lot of work at the moment – just relax, stop stressing and you will be ok. like i said your doctor is aware of your medical history and if he was at all concerned he would book you in for a scan sooner. for now you have to trust mother nature and your body and let it get to work.

      good luck to you honey


  24. Sara101
      August 25, 2011

    Could I be Pregnant After Being off Birth Control?
    Recently me and my fiancée have been having sex. I had a procedure called a myomectomy a few months back (which is the removal of fibroid, muscle tissue that has attach itself to the uterus wall). Well it really began this month these symptoms ; nauseous, headaches, bloating (missed my period last month but I’m not sure if was the birth controls they put me on or the procedure), I’ve been vomiting, i been feeling weird in my stomach like its bubbly, I have been mild cramping, mood swings, and my breasts have been sore. Now I was on birth control during the time we had sex and we continued when I went off which was shortly there after. I recently started what I thought was my period it was very light and lasted for three days then stopped. Then started back up a day later. I know that I cant get a clear answer until I consult a doctor, but I would like some feed back from people who have been in similar situations.

    Anyone have some positive input?

    • hw
        August 25, 2011

      you may be pregnant, but it could also be your hormones acting up from the pill.

  25. Love Spell
      August 25, 2011

    Symptoms I Can’t Explain, Anyone Know Why?
    For the past few weeks, my breasts have been really tender. Nipples and all around. Its sensitive to any hand touch. My veins are becoming more visible when I look at them in the mirror. I am having heavy cramps a few minutes at least every half hour. I feel extremely nauseous before and after I eat. Now my manager thinks I am Prego. I know I can’t be b/c I am on my 3rd month of Yaz BC. And I been taking it everyday w/o forgetting it this 3rd month. Even though now an then I do have unprotected Sex, I still don’t think it’s a possibility. I did TTC before the BC but have a small Fibroid on the top of my Uterus So GYNE said it’d be hard to Conceive. Anyone have these feelings and be told they can not conceive and still did anyways with these symptoms? Please help.. doctors aren’t helpful to me in any way.

    Thannnks! 🙂

  26. 37 weeks and counting with #3
      August 25, 2011

    Could I possibly be pregnant?
    I know you all are gonna say got take a pregnancy test but I am really scared…

    Well here is the thing I started noticing changes in my body months ago
    my breast were tender every day, my veins have since then been very prominent, and I have had flutters(which could be gas)

    I have felt twinges here and there in my lower abdomen
    heartburn every single day never had that before.

    I discarded pregnancy since I am getting a period every single month
    although ever since the symptoms started my period was strange at first like brown spotting but then continued regularly. I should mention I have a uterine fibroid.

    I have been to the doctor for other reasons
    first for anxiety and then for a pap in which neither of them they had me pee in a cup.

    I have recently started noticing my feet and hands swell a little, maybe the heat?

    I haven’t had any weight gain just my normal stomach after having 2 kids…pudgy you can say 🙂

    I am just really scared what all this could be and if I really were pregnant I ….don’t even want to think about that.
    The funniest thing is husband and I will ttc in 6 months!

    • Baby Girl Sara, is on her way!
        August 25, 2011

      I think that you can rule out pregnancy. The simple reason being because if you had a pap smear done then more than likely they would have caught a pregnancy then. I don’t know if you know exactly what they do when they do a pap, but they check EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING.

      Also, continuing with your period, on regular means that you are still ovulating. Something you wouldn’t be doing if you were pregnant. Some women claim to have periods, but not through the whole nine months. If they are bleeding sometimes its because of different reasons. I know I was still bleeding during my 1st trimester, second month and didn’t know that I was pregnant but wasn’t bleeding because it was my period, was bleeding because of a urinary tract infection. During the time I found out about that I found out I was pregnant.

      Those flutters, more than likely are gas. Those tender breasts happen just before period is due and if you notice it every month its probably just before you start. You probably haven’t really been paying that much attention to it.

      The heat could have something to do with the swelling, but salt plays a big role in that too. If you have increased your salt intake or your diet has changed you can associate that with the swelling. Also if you are sitting a lot your feet and hands tend to swell just because of the blood circulation.

      I also honestly believe that if you were pregnant you would have felt it MORE simply because you know what it feels like to be pregnant! You can distinguish baby flutters from gas flutters. You know those are gas flutters don’t ya?!?

      All I can say is that I honestly swear to the goodness don’t believe that you are pregnant. You should ease your mind and take a test. I mean what could it hurt? NOTHING. . . it will just make you feel better about your body and then you can get down to what is really making all these things happen to your body.

      Good luck and I hope this has helped!

  27. Cindy H
      August 25, 2011

    Complex Ovarian Mass – Endometrioma or Functional Cyst?
    (Re-posted question. I posted last night but only had one response (Thanks for taking the time), but am posting again in the hopes of more responses)

    I was hoping that someone could provide me with some advice. Below are my reports, this has been going on for more than 10 months. I saw one Gynecological Oncologist and she said that the reports show functional cysts (despite having them for 10 months) that will go away by themselve and no treatment is needed. That was last week.

    I saw another Gynecological Oncologist this morning for a second opinion and she said that they are Endometrioma. She has scheduled an Trans-vaginal ultrasound for Jamuary 21, and I will get those results from her on February 4, 2009.

    I am completely confused. I do not know which one to trust. Worse still – will these continue to grow? What if they are neither? My CA125 was 63. My father died of colon cancer and my paternal Aunt of Breast Cancer.

    My first report dated February 8, 2008 states:
    Endometrium double layer thickness is just over 7mm.
    The uterus is anteverted with overall diameters 37x40x76mms. There
    appears to be a fibroid subserosal posterior at the fundus 24x19x14mms.
    In the cervix, there is a little cyst 8mms.
    The right ovary is 34x28x22mmx. Here we find 2 follicles or a
    biloculted cyst with a thick septum, more likely that these represent 2
    adjacent follicles.
    The septation between the two are little hyper vascular.
    The left ovary is 30x30x28mms contains a follicle 13x8mms.
    The cul-de-sac is clear and the bladder appear normal.

    Report 2 dated Sept 22, 2008:
    The uterus measures 7.7×4.8×3.7cm. There is a fibroid at the fundus
    measuring 2.2cm. Endometrial lining is 0.4cm. In both
    adnexa there are abnormalities. On the left there is a complex
    primarily solid but inhomogeneous irregular mass measuring
    6.1×4.1×3.7cm. On the right there is one measuring 2.5×2.4×2.3cm.

    * 17 hours ago
    * – 1 week left to answer.

    Additional Details

    16 hours ago
    Sorry, should have mentioned that I am 37 years old, have never had kids, and got my period when I was 13. Symptoms: bloating pelvic tenderness, lower back and leg pain, headaches, constant need to urinate (sometimes a lot, sometimes a false call!) and extremely tired. Very heavy and painful menses.

  28. Muji
      August 25, 2011

    Help me with my pregnancy, doctors are unable to help, read description?
    My story is very tragic, if you are in hurry read only the summary, but I would like you to read full timeline

    Had one miscarriage before, got pregnant again in 6 months, passed a few quarter sized clots with very minimal bleeding for 3 days during 7th week, color was somewhat bright but mostly dark. Got 3 opinions from 3 different OB/GYN, All were very different from each other with one similarity that I have miscarried, now its supposed to be my 10th week and my period didnt return yet.

    Here is the timeline

    Pregnancy 1 in 2010

    June first week — Missed period, got positive preg. Test.

    Aug 4 – started spotting
    Aug 6 – heavy bleeding and cramping starts
    Aug 8 – Unbearable pain, went to ER found no heartbeat in U/S but gestational sac
    Aug 9 – D & C and bled for another 10 days, bleeding was heavy

    Pregnancy 2 in 2011
    April 06 – missed period, got positive PT

    May 23 started passing quarter sized clots, few in numbers, somewhat bright in color but no bleeding
    May 25 clots stopped but bleeding started , very minimal though and only passed during urination, never filled a pad
    May 27 everything went back to normal, I hardly had any pregnancy symptoms except for swollen breast, the pregnancy feeling stopped breast stayed swollen

    May 28, went to ob/gyn #1, nurse was retarded, shoved that U/S thing so deep that I felt pain and she still couldnt see anything not even my uterus. and got a response that Pregnancy is too early too tiny to be seen so we have to get 2 blood works 48 hours apart.
    May 31 1st blood work showed HCG 1500 second showed 500, obgyn office told that its a miscarriage that doesnt require dnc

    June 1 – Went to OBGYN #2, She was able to see uterus and she (according to her) found fibroid and she also said Preg. is too tiny and may be to early to be seen but 80% its a miscarriage and 20% its miscalculation of how far apart I am preggo.

    June 2 – Went to OBGYN #3, She said uterus is there, egg has not been released yet and its a miscarriage.

    Here I am with some new heavy feeling in my lower abdomen and swollen breasts and no periods yet. What this could be ? I am really depressed, I want to find out what stage of pregnancy or non-pregnancy I am and what will happen next.

    Please Help me

    • Gabrielle Baker
        August 25, 2011

      The only thing that you can do now is wait. If in a few weeks you have not gotten your period then go back to the doctor for a blood test. If your hormone levels are still high then you are still pregnant and if they are very low or not there at all then it was a miscarriage. Good luck!!

  29. carebear
      August 25, 2011

    Light bleeding after sex?
    I’m wondering if this is a sign of pregnancy. I am 1 day late for my period and about 5 days ago I had light bleeding after sex and it didn’t last long. I don’t have an STD or anything but I do have a small fibroid (1cm) in my uterus. I am also not experiencing my usual PMS symptom of sore breasts (usually lasts 2 weeks) but they are a bit tingly. Any thoughts?

    • δίκοπο μαχαίρι
        August 25, 2011

      It’s always a possibility. Take an OTC pregnancy test. Or get a quick blood test at the doctor’s.

      Another possiblity is a hormone issue. I had one several years ago–no period for five months….elevated prolactin levels. They never discovered a cause…just stuck me on birth control….

      But if you are trying to get pregnant, I hope your wish is granted!

  30. Koal Kottentail
      August 25, 2011

    Menopause, fibrosis! Scared young ‘Woman in training’?
    Today I had lady talk with my mother, and ladies, you might consider me foolish or a time waster to ask this but, it regards my fear of menopause and fibrosis (blushing), even though I’m only 21. (Answerer’s thinking: “Is she dumb”)
    My mother (age 48), had a hysterectomy 2 years ago, they removed her womb and saved her ovaries, she had a large fibroid. I reacted to it emotionally, more than she because it triggered a fear that I shall inherently experience the same thing; in addition to the fact I would not imagine my mother having to have a missing organ.

    1. Is Uterine fibrosis genetic, can they be avoided, my grandmother never had anything at all and didn’t experience menopause symptoms at all her period just stopped at 60. Can it skip a generation? (stats have shown among women who are African/black descent are more prone to fibrosis, I’m African).

    2. I DO NOT want to get a fibroid, I’ve heard they have been linked to eating hormone laced and chemically heavy-processed foods, and specifically for black women and diary products hold a connection with uterine issues apparently. (My diet is very plant/fruit based, with whole grain, yam, plantain for starch, and I avoid cow diary and consume organic Goat diary products and eat lean meat) How can I avoid fibrosis?

    3. I don’t want to experience menopause… Hell I don’t want to age badly (So shallow), can one be a verile attractive old lady? My mother and my grandmother look youthful and are in good shape, however since my mother has been the first to go through this procedure I don’t know how that will effect her when she hits her 50’s and 60`s? (I don’t want her body to breakdown on her)

    4. I had an ultra sound with my doctor, the results showed no fibrosis or cysts, however she said I have a small uterus, is that an issue? She said it was nothing, comparable to women having different breast sizes, but still, I’m wondering.

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