Cost For Uterine Fibroid Embolization Procedure

cost for uterine fibroid embolization procedure


  1. toriansmom
      September 2, 2013

    i have uterine fibroids and reproducing ovarian cysts. is there a procedure that will take care of both.?
    i work and can’t afford to be out of work for too long and i do have one little boy. i just need something with little recoery time
    is the total hysterectomy the only thing?
    by the way i am 25 and my son is 5 i am okay with th idea of not having any more children. i just need short recovery time. i have had both problems since i was 20. with no risk factors of fibroids
    when i do get the pains from my cysts i feel pains in my upper thighs in the crease where the pelvis and thigh meet and if i try to walk down stairs my legs are really shakey.

    • Jesusfreak
        January 13, 2014

      I know about both. I did have a total hysterectomy (uterus and cervix only) and kept both ovaries. People get confused because the word hyster refers to the uterus and ectomy refers to the removal of. Example. Appendectomy (removal of the appendix or tonsilectomy removal of the tonsils. I also had fibroids and developed ovarian cysts about 3 years after my hysterectomy. I can tell you what my dr. said and let you know of other options besides a hysterectomy.

      As far as the ovarian cysts, my dr. said it can be normal for people in their 30’s to have them and as long as they are not bothersome they sometimes shrink. I had ultrasounds to keep an eye on them and they did shrink. I still have them but I don’t get periods because my uterus is gone.

      As for fibroids if you want more kids there is something called a myomectomy where the dr. can remove the fibroids. Another way (you won’t be able to have kids with the other ways) is by uterine artery embolization. It is a procedure where a dye gets injected into the uterine veins and hopefully shrinks the fibroids. It can take a lot of time but is a lot less than a hysterectomy in terms of recovery. However it can cost up to as much as a hysterectomy because usually there are MRI’s needed to check to see if the fibroids shrink. The recovery time though is a lot quicker then a hysterectomy.

      There are probably more but I’m just letting you know about two. A hysterectomy is a last resort.
      With me I needed it because I couldn’t be away from a bathroom for more than 20 min. at a time. I soaked through super plus tampons within 20 min and it was very difficult to have a good quality of life. I was in a lot of pain too. I was first told that I had fibroids and then told adenomyosis (endometriosis in the uterine muscle-the only cure for this is a hysterectomy). I was able to keep my ovaries because they looked good according to my dr.

      If someone needs to have the ovaries out it’s called a BSO or bilateral (both) salpingo (tubes) oopherectomy (ovaries). It’s possible for one to have a total hysterectomy and keep the ovaries. I had a TVH (total vaginal hysterectomy). If the cervix wants to be kept as some women think it may help hold up the bladder if left in then it’s called a supracervical hysterectomy or sub-total hysterectomy. There’s a lot of terms but I can tell you that the recovery for a hysterectomy is at least six weeks. Stand by as I will add more to my comment.

      I only changed some of the words and added a couple. If you have some family that can come down to help you out then that would be best. A hysterectomy no matter how done (TAH) total abdominal hysterectomy TAH/BSO total abdominal hysterectomy/bilateral salpingo oopherectomy, TVH total vaginal hysterectomy, SLH supracervical laproscopic hysterectomy, SAH supracervical abdominal hysterectomy -remember supracervical means to keep the cervix, and there is an LAVH laproscopically abdominal vaginal hysterectomy. I’ve read that some laproscopic hysterectomies may have a faster recovery period but I was told that no matter how it was done, there are tons of internal stitches where the uterus was. It’s not like having a baby. A baby is supposed to come out. A hysterectomy is removing a major organ. Some women with vaginal hysterectomies have had way over 200 internal stitches. I know I had tons and at least 16 near where my cervix used to be. I’m sorry to be giving out so much info but I can also direct you to the hystersisters website as they have an alternative msg board for people like you that want to know what can be done.

      It’s been almost seven years since my TVH and I still have my ovaries. The cysts did shrink and I never miss a year without going to the gyn for a pelvic exam and pap smear. Just because the cervix is removed doesn’t mean pap smears aren’t necessary. There have been women who have been diagnosed with vaginal cancer and their are options for them to get fully cured if caught in time like regular pap smear screenings. Feel free to email me if you want. I’m loaded with tons of info on this stuff. Good luck to you. Oh I can also give you tips on how you can help take care of your son. My daughter was still using a crib and my husband made a step type thing so she could climb up into her crib. I wasn’t allowed to lift anything for at least six weeks. I also had to wait to be checked to see when I could have intercourse again because the stitches at the top of the vagina where the cervix used to be has to heal and close up.

      You can ask your dr. about a myomectomy where he surgically goes in to remove the fibroids. I’m not sure about the recovery time but know there aren’t all the internal stitches to deal with like in a hysterectomy. The other thing you can mention is to ask him what your options are. UAE uterine artery embolization (not what I would have chosen because of the adenomyosis) but there are risks to everything. I’ll post the internet link that you can ask questions in the options and alternatives msg board but you should really ask your dr. about options.

      If your fibroids are not causing any problems then why worry about them? If they cause a lot of pain or bleeding then that may be something that needs to be taken care of. As far as the cysts, if they don’t hurt maybe your dr. will say to leave them alone. Lastly please feel free to message me if you want more. I don’t want to take up all the space here. The website is

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