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Fibroid Tumors In Uterus- What Are Its Causes and How to Shrink Fibroids the Natural Way

Author: Melanie

Fibroids tumors in uterus are usually non-cancerous tumors which form in the smooth muscle tissue. Uterine tumors can grow inside or outside of the uterus. Some women have one single fibroid. Others have clusters of uterine tumors. The size of these tumors can be as small as that of pea or larger than that of a grapefruit.

Most doctors give two options for treating fibroids. The first most popular option is to simply watch and do nothing about it. This approach is recommended since the uterine tumors automatically shrink in size as soon as you attain menopause.

The second option is to go in for surgery to get rid of uterine tumors. Surgery can be done to remove individual or groups of fibroids. In extreme cases it may also involve hysterectomy, which is the complete removal of the womb.

Taking no action is ok for women whose symptoms are mild or for those who are approaching menopause. In all other cases doing nothing can mean loss of precious time during which the uterine tumors continue to grow in size and numbers.

Hence if you are not prepared to undergo surgery rather than waiting it is best to make use of remedies to shrink fibroids naturally. These natural remedies are absolutely safe and very good for your overall health and well being.

Before starting your natural treatment it is important for you to understand about some of the known causes of fibroids.

Fibroid tumors in uterus occur because of estrogen dominance. This can happen if your liver is overloaded and unable to get rid of estrogens naturally. It can also happen in case you expose yourself to estrogen which is present in birth control pills, foods or chemicals in the environment. Pesticides used in foods, plastics and even chemicals used in household cleaners and cosmetics mimic the action of estrogen and promote the growth of fibroids.

To shrink fibroids naturally here are some steps you can take:

- Switch over to eating organic fruits and vegetables.
- Totally cut down on meat intake, particularly red meat.
- Stop eating pre-packaged food which contain harmful preservatives.
- Stop storing food in plastic containers- replace these with steel, cast iron, glass or ceramic ones.
- Stop taking birth control pills and switch over to other forms of contraception.
- Avoid using cosmetic products that contain paraben, methyl, ethyl, propyl, and butyl.
- As far as possible start using all natural household cleaners which are environment friendly.
- Engage in moderate form of exercise like jogging or brisk walking for 30 minutes every day.
- Practice yoga and meditation to relieve stress, remain calm and tension free.

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  1. haymona58
      March 8, 2011

    How to shrink uterus fibroids without surgical operation?
    I have a large number of uterus fibroids since many years that increased in size and enlarged my uterus than its normal size, i become like a pregnant in around 5 months and started to cause bleeding I am 48 years old now. what should I do to shrink fibroids without surgical operation? Can food shrink fibroids and what other ways should I follow?

    • Jean
        March 8, 2011

      I am unaware of anything you can do non-surgical to shrink fibroids. Everyone I’ve known who’ve had these have ended up with a hysterectomy. Sorry I don’t have more positive suggestions. Best of luck!

  2. khanman74
      March 9, 2011

    Can a woman have children after uterus removal (fibroids)?
    My sister is 40 with 2 kids. If she goes through fibroids treatment, possibly her uterus removal, can she still get pregnant? Thanks

    • Dr. DOLY
        March 9, 2011

      if only fibroids will be removed – she can have children; if whole uterus is removed – no children anymore – discover more below

  3. Lisa
      March 9, 2011

    Should I get secod opinion to find out if I have fibroids of the uterus-can that stop me from having a child?
    I am 37 and would like to have a one more child. My doctor said that fiboids on my uterus is no big deal to get pregnet – just harder to concieve and I will be bigger because of the fibroid. Is all this ok or should I get a second opinion? Also my periods are all over the place (spoting) I want to pull my hair out – should I just get a Hysterectomy or keep trying. Help!

    • princess
        March 9, 2011

      i think you should get the fibroid removed and try to have another child. there are other treatments out there than just having a hysterectomy. you will regret it if you don’t follow your dreams.

  4. Michelle
      March 9, 2011

    Can having fibroids on your uterus stop u from getting pregnant?
    My doctor says i have fibroids on my uterus i don’t know if this is stopping me from getting pregnant or something else. Im so unhappy and sad cause i just wanna have a baby and im 27 without any. what should i do? what is wrong with me?

    • Ethel
        March 9, 2011

      It can interfere with implantation if they are numerous or large, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant at all – women do all the time.

  5. cindy c
      March 9, 2011

    Do anyone suffer from fibroids of the uterus and underactive thyroid?
    I just wondered if anyone is suffering from fibroids of the uterus and underactive thyroids, fibromyalgia, arthritis and being deaf all at once?

    • Shelley
        March 9, 2011

      I have an underactive thyroid and fibroids, but they are not connected to each other, according to my doctor.

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